The consequences for winning are starting further and further to the rear next time: David Westgate, leading the Sport Four pack in his quest to return to the division’s championship made sure he’ll start even further back as he again came from the 14th starting postion to the front. In doing so, he spoiled a fine effort by Tim Bolger, Jr., who lead the feature from the getgo until Westgate got by on lap 15 of the 20-lapper. Bolger was firm in his effort and held off a charging Jordan Lopes, who grabbed snared third. Alexander Manuel started one spot ahead of Westgate and accompanied him to the front, finishing fourth, just ahead of Joey Morissette’s rounding out the top five.

Bolger came off the outside pole with Morissette and after the latter nosed ahead on the green, came back to run wheel-to-wheel as three-wides sprouted in the back of the field. Bolger got the front and Morissette pursued through the first half of the feature. Christine Cavallaro started third, and defended the spot with Christine Simpson in hot pursuit.

The top four positions remained unchaged through the first eight laps. And it wasn’t until Westgate and Lopes came charging up from the back that it changed. Jason Poitras followed Simpson from lap four until he could get underneath on lap 8 and Lopes took advantage to follow him through. At the front, Bolger was beginning to make his way through lapped cars and held a half-straight lead on Morissette. Cavallaro had Poitras on her tail when Tyler Almeida and Mike Lefort got together out of turn three, bringing out the caution flag.

Bolger and Morissette lined up and Bolger ran to the front with Cavallaro running under Morissette into second. Morrissette fired up and took the poisition back. They ran door to door until Westgate went three-wide around them into second Morrissette held on in third, but Lopes got by Cavallaro into fourth. Bolger had a long lead, but Westgate set to work.

There was contact in turn one, which ended with Alexandra Lillie, Joey Wordell and Timothy Ouellette were together in a clot.

Bolger and Westgate went door-to-door until Westgate pushed past on the outside in lap 15. Lopes nabbed third behind Bolger. By lap 16, Poitras was chasing Lopes with hard charging Manuel on his outside. Poitras, Cavallaro and Chris Pacheco followed. Manuel went to work on Morissette and succeeded in moving him back a spot.

The laps unwound as the checkers approached, but the order of finish had been established among the frontrunners. The final pass came as Pacheco got by Cavallaro for seventh.

Westgate hit the stripe in front for the trip to Victory Lane. Sixth on the event went to Pacheco, followed by Poitras. Cavallaro was eighth, Lefort ninth and Henry Lavalle rounded out the top ten.