Nicholas Hovey led all fifteen laps enroute to his first win and the first for a Bandolero Bandit on the Seekonk 1/3 Mile.  Hovey leapt past Ryan Arieta from the outside pole and was uncatchable for the entire fifteen laps of the inaugural event.

Excitement started early for the Bandos as the first lap saw Tyler Barry and Riley Caron up into the wall just out of turn two on their first go-around.  The duo locked together while accelerating out of the curve and their momentum took them up into the barrier.  It provided the new division with its first red flag.  The grinding crash saw Caron take the worst of it, piling in nose first, but he was able to climb out and walk to the ambulance for the required ride to the pits and checkup.  Barry nosed in hard as well, but was able to pull away from Caron’s immobile vehicle.  Both were eliminated from competition, however, and Hailey Vallerand retired at the same time.

Another attempt to start the feature saw Evans sideways out of turn two and they lined them up again.
Hovey and RJ Marcotte now stood on the front row and Hovey took the lead out of the box, with Marcotte and Ryan Arieta giving chase.  By lap six, the field was single file and Hovey found himself going wide and fast past lapped cars.

Marcotte began to regain lost territory, coming up to Hovey’s bumper by lap eleven.  Marcotte emptied his bag of tricks looking for a way past but Hovey held him off.  The duo was able to lap the field before the checkered flag.
Arieta was debating his third place with Nathan Smith, who was insistent but Arieta was able to keep him at bay in the early going.  Smith faded, finishing fourth.

The top six cars, all that was still running at the end were:  Hovey, Marcotte, Arieta, Smith, Devin Deshaies and Teddy Welch.