by Dana Rowe

Brendon Hammann shook off last week’s miscue elimination with a convincing trip to the front for his first feature win of the season. He rolled up from his seventh-place start to roll polesitter Jacob Burns out of the lead on lap eight, then ran the remainder of the 25 laps to the finish in the clear air. The win elevates him to fifth on the season’s standings, currently being led by Josh Parsons.

Brendon Hammann wins first legends race!

Parsons was involved in the previous week’s event that eliminated Hammann – the two divers began swerving during caution to scrub rubber marbles from their tires for better traction. They were sharing the front row for the restart and began clearing tires at

This week was different for Hammann. No incidents and a solid run to the checkers put him in Victory Lane.

 Burns was able to leap off the pole away from Andrew Carpenter and Connor Souza got under Carpenter into second. Hammann, meanwhile, sorted things out for a couple laps then started forward. Lap four saw Connor Holderbach take over second from Carpenter and Hammann moved into fourth on Carpenter’s tail.

Five laps in, Tom Searles and Jeff Wood got together in turn one, setting up a caution. On the restart, Burns and Souza faced off with Hammann and Peter Bennett behind them. Burns pulled away from Souza and Hammann got underneath. But RJ Marcotte spun on the next lap bringing another restart. This time Burns and Hammann were on the front row. Burns pulled ahead and Hamman let Souza run under him, dropped under and tried to run underneath into second, but Souza shut the door. Hammann persisted and secured the spot. Once more around and Bennett looked under Souza but was rebuffed.

Hammann went after the lead, going under Burns and to the front in turn four. Burns glommed onto his bumper while Bennett and Souza were door-to-door over third. Reagan Parent ran fifth, followed by Matthew Carpenter, Ryan Doucette and and Parsons. Lap ten saw the trio together in turn two, bringing caution with ten laps remaining.

Hammann grabbed the lead again and Burns went to second. Bennett got back under Burns and next time around was able to claim second coming out of turn two. Parent was under Holderbach behind them and when Burns got loose and fell back, Parent scootted into third.

Midway through the feature, Hammann was enjoying a six-car lead over Bennett. Parent closed on Bennett but Souza veered under him to capture third and Burns held on to fourth. Hammann continued to hold his margin over the field throughout.

The closing laps were a single file pursuit to the checkers. Hammann shot across for the win, followed by Bennett. Third through fifth came in a knot sorted out by the electronics and Holderbach grabbed third, followed by Parsons and Parent to round out the top five.

Sixth went to Burns, followed by Mason Tessier, Matt Carpenter, Connor Souza and Doucette.