Derek Gluchacki, Richie Davidowitz, Kevin Nowak, Nick Lascuola and Jesse Jakubajtys engaged in a swirling contest for supremacy in the Venditti Memorial race for Legends. Gluchacki came out on top but not until he had wrestled Noah Korner out of the lead, halfway through the race. He had come from sixth place and worked his way forward while the field had engaged in a wild challenge.

The race ran well for the first ten of the thirty laps, but finished five laps short as cautions began to mount up after the tenth circuit, including three restarts on lap 15. Race Control attempted to keep the race moving with single-file restarts

Korner grabbed the front from the start leaping off the pole, leaving Jesse Jakubajtys on the outside pole. Nowak leapt in underneath and succeeded him to second on lap two. Davidowitz, meanwhile, had started fifth and came past Lascuola on the first circuit. He held fourth for the next four laps before getting past Jakubajtys and then Nowak on the succeeding lap to pull in behind Korner. Behind them, Gluchacki had succeeded in getting past Lascuola on lap three, and Jakubajtys two laps later. Two more circuits and he had moved Nowak out of third. Only Korner and Davidowitz remained to block him from Victory lane. Davidowitz was challenging Korner for the front.

However, before he could move further forward, Joe DeRensis spun out on the back stretch, just as the leaders were coming up to lap him. All were able to safely avoid.

The lap ten restart placed Davidowitz on the pole with Korner outside. Korner dodged ahead with Davidowitz battling underneath but the start was called back for debris on the track. The second attempt saw them wheel-to-wheel and Davidowitz nosing ahead. Korner came back and took the front. Gluchacki got under Korner and pulled ahead. But Brendon Hammann spun, bringing a lap 13 caution.

Gluchacki grabbed the front on the restart and Nowak took second a lap later. Davidowitz followed with Lascuola in pursuit. Davidowitz slipped past Korner and then Lascuola followed suit. Thomas Murray and Matt Vallerand tangled to bring out a lap fifteen caution.

It took three tries for the race to get started again and then another caution on lap 16 as time limits on the race approached. Finally, Gluchacki was away at the front. Behind him, Nowak was under Davidowitz and Korner battled Lascuola. Gluchacki gained a three-car lead and Nowak took second ahead of Davidowitz. Korner followed and then Jakbajtys under Lascuola.

Davidowitz came up to Nowak’s bumper but Joey Parker spun. Following the lap 21 restart, Parker brushed the front stretch wall, forcing him to retire for the night – and brought out another time-consuming caution. Race control called a single-file restart to help the race along.

But another caution ensued within the lap as Matt Carpenter and Matt Vallerand made hard contact necessitating the ambulance. The Race Director then warned the drivers that it was the last restart due to time limits.

On the next try, a spin in turn two on lap 26 brought the race to its final end. Gluchacki was leading and took the win with Davidowitz at his back, grabbing second. Nowak was third, followed by Lascuola and Jakubajtys finished the top five. Sixth went to Korner then Ryan Doucette, Luke LeBrun, Joshua Parsons and Reagan Parent.