by Dana Rowe

North Dartmouth hotshoe Derek Gluchacki led a field of Legends competitors from all over the northeast region from the dropping of the green to the crossing of the stripe and added the Legends event at the Haunted Hundred Tri-Track event to his trophy for a huge division win at the DAV Memorial Race a couple weeks back. This he can add to his feature wins on the season.


The race nearly ran caution free, spoiled only when Reagan Parent’s car emitted a fogbank of blue smoke and ground to a stop on the backstretch with a small fire under his hood, which appeared to extinguish itself.


The restart on lap 13 of the 30-lap feature had Richie Davidowitz on Gluchacki’s shoulder with Batman Brandon Martinez and The Mop, Jesse Jakubajtys, in row two . . . followed by Vinny Delaney and TJ Thompson.
Gluchacki was away at the drop of a hat and Davidiowitz couldn’t pass. The Mop grabbed third. One circuit gave Derek a two-car lead over Davidowitz but Martinez came brawling past into second. He ran up to Gluchacki’s bumper momentarily then fell back a length as Davidowitz settled in behind, chased by Jakubajtys.


By lap eighteen, the field was strung out and the lead four were being pursued by Nick Lascuola, Delany, Michael Blaskey and Thompson.


Gluchacki bore down and began to increase his lead: out to three cars on lap 22. By lap 24, he had five lengths on Martinez and Davidowitz had run up to Batman’s bumper. Jakubajtys was fourth. On the next lap, Lascuola was able to edge Jakubajtys back to fifth.


With two remaining, Gluchacki had a five car lead on the field and he carried it through the remaining two circuits to the checkers. Martinez claimed second with Davidowitz third. Lascuola and Jakubajtys rounded out the top five.


Sixth went to Blaskey, followed by Thompson, Delany, Joshua Parsons, Joey Parker, Kevin Nowak and Shileigh Martinez.