Michael Glad came up to the front halfway through the Sport Four feature, just as Jason Poitras took a spin in turn two to bring out the caution. He lined up outside Matt Smith on the front row and grabbed the lead out of the box. From there, he led to the finish line with Smith and then Tyler Almeida following on his coattails. It was Glad’s first win on the season. Almeida finished second and Smith fourth, but tech inspection found them wanting and they were DQ’ed post-race. David Westgate then moved into second and Mike Lefort grabbed third, just ahead of Jordan Lopes and Chris Pacheco.

At the outset, Smith and Almeida came off the front row with Smith garnering the lead in turn one and ran to a good lead. By the time he was out of lap one, he was thre cars up. Almeida pursued with Joey Morissette in third. Glad was runnning fifth behind Arthur Meack until lap six, when Glad eased him back a position. Two laps later, Alexandra Lillie spun to bring out the caution.

As they set up for the lap eight restart, Smith and Almeida were row one. Morissette and Glad backed them up with Meack and Poitras in row three. Jordan Lopes and Westgate were warming up behind them.

On the green, Almeida led across the stripe, but Smith took the lead in turn two. Glad got under and into second with Almeida battling outside. Westgate powered up and went around Alexander Manuel and Poitras for a three-wide. Glad continued to grind it out down low and nosed past Morissette and then Almeida. Almeida heated it up and edged ahead of Glad. But by lap eleven, Glad had second in hand on lap eleven. Almeida, Morissette and Meack followed with Lopes looking for any kind of a way past them.

But Poitras went around in turn two and the field set up for a restart. Glad, outside Smith, went to the front crossing the stripe and dropped in front of Smith. Almeida pulled into third, ahead of Meack with Lopes coming fast and wide in behind them. Westgate was in a dogfight with Manuel and LeFort came up to give him trouble and the two swapped position a couple times before Westgate could get past both of them on lap 12. Morissette then got into Westgate and put himself around.

On the lap sixteen restart, Glad zoomed away from Smith and Almeida ducked under into second. Westgate came up into fourth behind him and Lopes took a look under him.

Almeida was on Glad’s bumper and Westgate followed Smith. Behind them, Lefort was working underneath Lopes as they entered the white flag lap. Glad powered through with Almeida doing everything he could to steal the lead, but Glad held him at bay to the checkers.

Sixth went to Manuel, followed by Cliff Avila, Meack, Christine Cavallaro, Samatha Mattera and Alexandra Lillie.