I didn’t have to go very far for this week’s garage pass; a driver from Tiverton, RI and your 2016 Street Stock Champion, Scott Bruneau.  I grew up pretty much right down the street from the Bruneau’s garage and as a kid I remember it not being a garage at all, but more of a “tent city”; they have come a long way from back then and I was excited to be able to interview a driver from my hometown.  Though Scott is a man of very few words, between himself and his crew chief Kyle Bowers I got to know how they operate and stay competitive from week to week.

How did you get your start in racing?

Scott:  I started coming to the tack as a kid in the 80s when my dad was racing and I have been here ever since.


What division do you currently compete in and how would you describe your 2016 season?

Scott is currently in the Sportsman (formerly Street Stock) division and will be back behind the wheel of his #74 this season.

Scott: Last season was real good and real fun.  It was very successful and we had a great time being so competitive.


Is there anything new to the car for 2017?

            Scott paused for a bit and really couldn’t think of anything other than the body they are still waiting to get for this season.

Kyle:  Really the only thing we did do to the car for this season was a new inspection plug on the oil pan because we had to replace it.  Other than that the car was so good that we had no reason to change anything else.

After a championship season I am sure there are sponsors that you would like to thank for 2016. 

Scott: Phil’s Propane, Helger’s South Coast Power Equipment, Brattan Industries Electrical Service, Sanford and Sons, Tom Legault’s Auto Repair, Paquin Insurance Agency, Full Time Signs, and Stateline Tree Works.  Everyone will be back on the car this season.

What are your expectations for this season?

            Scott: We would like to stay as consistent as we were last season and to win at least 6 races and go for another championship.


Who has been your biggest racing influence?

            Scott: I would definitely have to say Dale Earnhardt Sr. and my dad; because of him I have always been around racing.

Is there any significance to your paint scheme or number?

            Scott: My car was always all white and one time I came home and Kyle had painted the red on the car.  My number is the year I was born.

Kyle: When the car was all white we had concrete brothers on it.  One day Steve and I just decided to add the red to make it look like Darryl Waltrip’s #11 Budweiser car and it’s been that way ever since.


What was your first win?

Scott: It was the 30/30 race in June, 2007.  They don’t even do this anymore; I don’t know why it was fun.

Scott actually has a lot of his trophies in his garage and the one for this race was there. It was 30 Street Stocks battling for 30 Laps on June 9, 2007; the race was sponsored by Kraze Korlacki.


If there was anything that you could do over, when it comes to racing, what would it be?

Scott: Maybe that time the driveshaft broke and we had to us the backup car.

Kyle: or that time the bolt broke in the front end.

Scott: but those aren’t really something you can change so it would have to be just doing a little bit more maintenance.

If there was any one racing event you could compete in what would it be?

Scott: It would be a small track like Bristol, I really wouldn’t want to race on any of the big tracks.  Dirt would be fun too, but I would still probably choose somewhere like Bristol.


What keeps you coming back to Seekonk Speedway every week?…every year?

            Scott: Because it’s local; I have been to Star one time; we ran good, but the driving there and back was just too much.  It is a lot of fun at Seekonk too.


What moment stands out the most to you from your time in racing?

Scott: It would have to be my first Championship in 2013 because it was so close between Crystal and me.  I had to finish 12th if she had won, but she was held up  and I didn’t get the chance to count how many cars were in front of me, so I didn’t even know that I had won the Championship.  I went in the pits and they had to call me on the radio to get me back out on the track.  Yeah, it would really have to be that because of how close the points were.


Scott and his team strive on doing what they do well, legal to the rules, and with as little money as possible.  In the beginning they didn’t have the sponsorships like they do now and they all help 100%; but for the last 15 years they have been coming to Seekonk Speedway doing what they do best.  They make a point of never bending the rules and are more than welcoming in the pits.  They are a team that has absolutely never been disqualified and they take a lot of pride in that fact.  We all should be looking forward to what Scott will be bringing to the 2017 season.