On Friday night, the Nick’s Pit Stop Legends Cars headlined the action with a 30-lap feature event. The race was the second Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series feature and was also a National Qualifier for the Legends Asphalt Nationals.

A massive crash on lap two of the feature collected many of the top cars before the race really got underway. When Chris Robbins got sideways, all of the drivers tried to slow down as quickly as possible but some of them didn’t have time.
Once the race got underway, outsider Kevin Nowak, who came from Long Island, captured the victory in his first race at Seekonk. Nowak traveled nearly six hours and left with the trophy. Brandon Martinez and Ryan Kuhn put on a heated battle for second down the stretch of the race. Both of them were involved in the lap two wreck and they still came away with a strong finish.
In the Sport 4 division, John Lineberger finally broke through and captured his first career win. Lineberger drove away from the field and then had to hold the challengers off on the final restart behind the wheel of the No. 52. Lineberger was thrilled to be in Victory Lane and it’s always great to see a first time winner. We have had plenty of those this year.
In the Seekonk Grand Prix Bandolero Bandits, Ryan Arieta found himself winning his second straight race. Arieta inherited the lead when Nicholas Hovey jumped a restart and was sent to the tail of the field. Arieta struggled a little bit off the truck at the beginning of the year but has found his stride as we hit the middle of the summer stretch.
In the Bandolero Outlaw race, Mason Tessier captured his third win of the year. Tessier said in victory Lane that last week he found that patience are the name of the game and this week, it helped him score another win. Tessier got out front early and never looked back.
The Pure Stock race saw a heated battle between Colby Lambert and Mike Hendriques. The two drivers went side-by-side for much of the race with Lambert using the outside lane to success early on. However, he slid his way back to the bottom and used the bump and run to take the lead. Lambert closed the gap in the championship standings with this win.
In the MiniCup feature, Maddie Harkin continued her streak of success. Harkin won the race in the Bandolero division last week and this week she found herself winning in a different division. Harkin is another one of the drivers that has found her stride.
Next Friday, we have round two of the Phil’s Series for the Bandolero and Minicup classes. Don’t miss it!