Dereck Debbis did as he has much of the season in SYRA 600 competition: he outmaneuvered the field for yet another win and concluded the division’s Phil’s Propane Triple Crown on top. He had no easy time of it, as Anthony Marvin went to the front early and forced Debbis to battle him for the lead between laps five and fifteen. The duo exchanged withering fire Until the lap 15 restart allowed Debbis to claim the lead and over the closing five circuits he secured an eight car lead. Marvin bore down and cut the margin to just five eighths of a second over the final two. Last week’s winner, Luke LeBrun put in another strong run, grabbing second off a lap-three restart before Debbis overtook him for position. LeBrun held off the opposition for third. Michael Toner and Scott Serydynski rounded out the top five.
At the start, the first and second rows merged briefly for a four-wide down the front stretch, with polesitter Alexandria Lillie and outside pole Carlin Levesque seeing Brittany Nichols go underneath as Eric LeBrun tried the outside. Lillie fell back and Levesque claimed the lead and LeBrun worked under Marvin to debate second. But Cassie Meserve spun coming out of turn two bringing a lap two caution, and Tim Ouellette spun to avoid her.
Levesque and Marvin lined up with Luke and Lillie behind them. Debbis had worked from eighth to fifth over the opening two laps. On the green, Marvin went to the front and Lillie pulled alongside Levesque. As they dueled, Levesque got a wheel into the grass on turn four and spun to the infield after a single lap had been completed.
Toner escaped Lillie, who bogged down on the start and Luke powered past into second. But Debbis eased him back a lap later and fastened onto Marvin’s bumper to begin ten laps of struggle over the lead. Luke tried the outside on Debbis but was held off and the top three ran hard in a tight knot. Serydynski overhauled Eric LeBrun for fourth and Toner pulled in behind him. They fought for position through to the finish, with Toner winning the wrestling match on a lap 15 restart.
Lillie continued in sixth until the caution, when she was edged by Marissa Morgan on the restart. A lap later, Ouellette was by for seventh. Eric LeBrun then edged her back to ninth.
The restart, brought out by a Meserve spin out of turn four, saw Debbis get the jump on Marvin – who had been impenetrable to that point. They had been warned for aggressive jockeying on the first attempt to get underway. Marvin chased Debbis with Luke on his tail, followed by toner and Serydynski. It was three-wide for seventh between Ouellette, Lillie and Meserve.
The field ground out the final five circuits in order as Debbis claimed the win. Completing the finish were: Morgan in sixth, followed by Ouellette, Eric LeBrun, Lillie, Meservey and Colin McMullen.

Devin Miranda once again came to the front of the Sport Four field and added to his division-leading score. Miranda’s free-flying style was appropriate to the race, which saw only three cautions, two at laps six and seven and the final on lap 18, which set up a mad, two-lap scramble to the checkers.
In between, Miranda used his outside speed to get around cars and move rapidly up from his eleventh place start. He was in third by the lap six caution and second on the lap 7 restart. It took him three laps to get by Bob Henry, who had led since the outset, but once in first, his sights were firmly fixed on the finish line, and he held the front from lap nine to lap 20, edging David Westgate by a tenth of a second. Gil Bradstreet was chasing hard in third, followed by Ray Herman, Jr. and Tyler Boudreau, second place-holder in the points standings.
Henry escaped Herman as the green fell as Henry Lavallee pulled underneath. But Herman kept the hammer down and pulled ahead down the backstretch.
By lap four, Henry had stretched the lead to ten cars, but Michael Glad was moving up fast, already in third. Lenny Sousa ducked under into fourth on the following circuit with Miranda on his bumper and Westgate rampaging down the outside and might have surged ahead except for his wide floats through the turns.
But Glad and Sousa got together with Lenny flying off the backstretch and over one of the hills on the figure-eight course, becoming temporarily airborne and coming down hard. His car absorbed the pounding, however, and was able to continue.
Henry and Herman lined up with Glad and Miranda behind them. Westgate was low in the third row with Boudreau on his shoulder. Henry pulled away and Herman dropped in. Miranda skirted around into second and went high and wide to fight it out with Henry, but caution was called after a single lap for a spin. This lined Henry and Miranda up on t he front. Herman and Glad were followed by Westgate and Lavallee.
Henry surprised Miranda and Herman slid to second, but Miranda immediately came back around into the runnerup spot. Boudreau got under Glad and into fourth but took a bump from Glad on the way by. Miranda hounded Henry and started around him on lap nine. They went door-to-door but Miranda stole the front as they crossed the stripe into lap nine. Boudreau, Glad and Bradstreet were brawling three-wide behind them. As they fought it out, Henry took a bump that spun and nearly flipped him. But he mastered the juggernaut, straightened out and kept going, miraculously managing to stay among the top ten. Westgate came out of the three wide and spinning cars into second with Herman on his coattails followed by Budreau, Bradstreet and Eroc Schwegel and Glad going wheel-to-wheel.
Lap 14 saw Westgate begin to close on the leader, three cars back. Bradstreet, Herman and Boudreau pursued with a vengeance. Schwegel got under Herman and Boudreau came up to make it three-wide. Schwegel pulled ahead and Herman ended up outside David Gargaro. But Boudreau and Gargaro got together, sending the latter into the infield for a caution. Tylar Nailor was around in turn two.
Miranda dodged away from Westgate on the restart, but he pulled back alongside before Miranda grabbed the lead for good out of turn four and under the white flag. Bradstreet clung to third as Schwegel was shoved to the outside and faded. A mad scramble to the finish saw Miranda flash across in the lead with Westgate on his bumper.
Glad crossed in sixth followed by Sousa and Lavallee. Schwegal managed ninth on his first trip to Seekonk, followed by Glen Leduc, Gargaro and Kim Bickford.

Shelby Donovan pressed gradually forward for the first half of the race, netting positions one at a time until, at the mid-race mark, she had assumed the lead. Taylor Bowser had gone from sixth to third in three laps, and seemed on the verge of breaking away, she was caught up in traffic and the passed by Brandon Lillie. On the following lap, Donovan eased her back and went after Lillie. She was by him two laps later and then past leader David White to the front. Though Bowser broke through to second on lap 14, she was unable to close the gap and Donovan had the win. Bowser was second, followed by Lillie, White and Joey Lembo.
Shea Kulpa and White went door-to-door at the start before White edged away. TJ Morsehead forced his way under Kulpa as they battled and went to second as Kulpa began going backwards, falling to sixth by the end of lap one. Joey Lembo was third, followed by Bowser and Lillie.
Lap 3 saw Lillie pass Bowser then look to the outside on Lembo. Donovan rushed up under Lillie. She had his position on lap five and was looking at White for the lead. They dueled door-to-door until she had the front in turn three. Bowser, meanwhile, was under Lillie to take fourth. Lembo the pushed under White.
Bowser pressed alongside Lembo on lap 13. She was into second on lap 14, where Donovan was a half-straight ahead. Lap 16 was the same as Lillie edged into third. White fought back underneath and the went wheel-to- wheel and continued under the white flag. Lillie won the battle, by .038 seconds.
Copncluding the field were: Moreshead taking sixth, Kulpa was seventh and Matthew Barboza finished eighth.

Former Pure Stock champion Scott Cestodio has been showing well in the second half of the season and reprised his recent first win of the season with one more, holding off Amy Arsenault for the win by less than half a second. He started fourth and dueled much of the first half of the race over second with a stubborn Keri-Lynn Manfredo and alternately with Andrew Kun. He slipped to fourth at mid-race, but recovered and made up ground over a lap 14 restart. He nosed under Kun for the lead on lap 16 and had it on lap 18.
Arsenault was at his bumper a lap later and they brawled all the way to the lap 25 checkers but Cestodio refused to yield his position. Jamie Birch followed Arsenault in third and Daniel Johnson and Dave Desrosiers rounded out the top five.
Kun and Manfredo dueled off the front row, door-to-door at the stripe, but Kun went to the front. Cestodio looked under for second and Manfredo then held off Dan Johnson. Desrosiers came very wide around the pack and was headed toward the front, but got loose in the wide turns and fell back to fifth. And Mark Murphy leapt onto his bumper.
Cestodo dived onto Kun’s bumper in lap three and they pulled away from the pack. Dan Johnson was continuing to battle Manfredo from the outside but Murphy came up fast and looked under Johnson. There was contact and Johnson spun. Murphy got the call on the assist and joined him at the back of the pack.
Kun and Cestodio faced off for the lap 7 restart, going door-to-door for a pair of laps as Manfredo and Desrosiers were doing the same behind them. Lap nine saw Cestodio fall back. Cestodio bumped Manfredo, who came loose but saved the car and her position. Cestodio was taken advantage of by John Robidoux and Desrosiers, fading to fifth.
Kun was up by 20 cars on Manfredo. Robidoux bumper-tadded Manfredo as Cestodio came back past Desrosiers. But Robidoux was into Manfredo’s rear quarter, sending her sideways in turn one. The field scattered to avoid, but Jay Fortin went around in turn 2. Manfredo then retired to the pits.
Cestodio lined up outside Kun, who took the lead out of turn two and Cestodio found himself under Robidoux with Birch under Arsenault; she went to third on lap 16, ahead of Birch. Cestodio, meanwhile, was nosing under Kun. Kun replied by surging ahead, but was forced wide in turns three and four allowing Cestodio to move up and Arsenault to get underneath. By lap 20, Cestodio led Arsenault while Birch was working underneath Kun.
As Arsenault pursued the leader, Cestodio got loose in the corner but was able to save it and keep the lead. But Arsenault was now solidly at his bumper. Kun was still outside Desrosiers While Dan Johnson and Murphy were door-to-door behind them.
Johnson escaped Murphny as Kun faded and Johnson gained fifth then passed Desrosiers for fourth on the final circuit.
Kun maintained sixth at the finish and Murphy was seventh. They were followed by Moretti, Earl Curtin III, Jay Sullivan and Melissa Charette.

Nick Lascuola extended his track record of feature wins to double figures with his tenth win in Nick’s Pitstop Legends competition. The win set him up as well to continue his lead in the division, while second place-holder Jesse Melberg kept pace with a second on the evening. John O’Sullivan, Colin Haley and Brandon Packard paced in to complete the top five.
Matt Carpenter and Jariah Roderick led from the front with Melberg and Packard in the second row. Packard leapt outside Roderick at the start to make it three-wide on the front row. Melbeg nearly made it four-wide as he went under Carpenter but Packard fell back to fourth as Jesse took over the lead on lap one. Haley jumped to second and TJ Thompson roared up from eighth to third. He was under Packard into second on the following circuit.
Lascuola, meanwhile, was moving rapidly up from ninth and was in fourth by lap four, behind Melberg, Carpenter and Jordan Lamothe. Lamothe went under Thompson for second. They continued to exchange places as lap seven brought them to lapped traffic.
Lascuola looked under Thompson for third on lap ten and sceured the spot, moving up to join Melberg and Lamothe in a three-way nose-to-tail. Lamothe went under Melberg into the lead, but Jesse stayed on the outside and pulled back alongside. Lascuola stayed on their bumpers, seeking an opportunity. Melberg fell back just before Thompson, attempting to lap Joe Putnam, made heavy contact and slid through turn four onto the frontstretch, dragging his dislocated right front suspension in a shower of sparks and ending his evening.
The lap 13 restart had Lamothe and Melberg at the front with Lascuola and Haley in tow. Lamothe jumped out front and Lascuola went under Melberg into second on Lamothe’s bumper. He looked to the outside for the lead then crossed under. There was contact and Lamothe spun. The race director determined Lascuola had assisted and he joined Lamothe at the back.
Melberg and Carpenter, then Haley and John O’Sullivan faced off for the lap 15 restart. Melberg snagged the lead, but as the field came out of turn four, the second half of the field erupted in spinning cars, sending Lamothe, Nick Wisialko and newcomer Connor Holderback down the frontstretch wall in a shower of sparks in a very hard impact. The red flag flew and emergency vehicles converged instantaneously as Lamothe careened to a stop entering turn one, Wisialko went to the infield and Holderback, in his first race at Seekonk, was motionless near the wall. Fast work determined all four drivers were unharmed and Lamothe took the long walk to the pits along the frontstretch.
Wisialko’s car had to be lifted clear of the surface to be taken to the pits and Lamothe and Holderbach’s cars were towed.
Ten laps remained as Melberg and Carpenter set up again with Haley and O’Sullivan behind them. Lascuola was eighth, outside Andrew Moller, another newcomer. As Melberg took the lead, Lascuola dropped low and flew into fifth, then past a fading Carpenter into fourth. Lap 16 saw him blaze under Haley and O’Sullivan and set out after Melberg. By lap 18 there was only a car’slength between them.
O’Sullivan and Haley were hotly debating third behind them as Carpenter and Packard fought for fifth.
Lascuola worked his way under Melberg on lap nineteen and they dueled, door-to-door through lap 22, when Lascuola was able to drop in at the front. Haley passed O’Sullivan but they continued to skirmish as Lascuola set his sights on the finish, four laps away. O’Sullivan retook third from Haley with three circuits remaining. Packard finally wrested control of fifth place from Carpenter on the last lap, finishing two tenths of a second ahead.
Carpenter collected sixth spot, while Jariah Roderick (seventh) and Mollier were the final two cars still on the lead lap. Ninth went to Curt Snow, chased by Jessica O’Leary.