Seekonk Speedway offers a wide variety of food and beverages to satisfy all of your cravings ! Seekonk Speedway is committed to serve you great food at a great price !

The Speedway has several separate concession stands located in Turn 4, Turn 3. Turn 1, Midway Food Court and the Main Front Stretch.

Draft Beer and Malt Beverage from Miller and Coors specialities are served from the concession stand in Turn 4  as well as the Beer Stands located in Turn 2 and the Main Front Stretch.

The Turn 4 / Pits concessions serves fresh baked pizza, hot dogs, chicken bites, seasoned fries, angus cheeseburgers, jumbo pretzels, popcorn and both bottled and Pepsi fountain beverages.

The Main Front Stretch Concession Building serves fresh baked pizza, angus cheeseburgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, jumbo pretzels, fries, chicken bites, fried doughboys, ice cream and Pepsi fountain and bottled beverages.

The Turn 3 concession area features Italian specialities from B Pinelli’s Simply Italian Dining in East Providence. Sample some home style goodness.

The Turn 1 concession features traditional racetrack fare as well as summer specialities like clam cakes and chowder and fried clam rolls.