Frank Dumicich, Jr. was one of but two leaders in the visiting NE Trucks’ 55 lap feature, and the first to cross under the checkers for a big victory. He edged Josh Stringer out of the lead he’d held since the green flew in lap 28 and they battled it out until Jim Boyle took him out of second. Boyle chased Dumicich the rest of the way, but was unable to unseat the leader. Dave Koening was able to grab second with two laps remaining. Stringer faded over the closing laps, to finish eighth, while Jordan Churchill, Gerard Giordano, Jr. and Boyle rounded out the top five.

The brawny, full-sized trucks made their first Seekonk visit to good reviews as Stringer took off from the pole, outdistancing Boyle and the duo dueled for the first 20 laps. Dumicich had started outside in the second row and slid into third as Alex Canestrari faded. Giordano went from sixth to fourth at the outset and Tony Lafo went to fifth. By lap four, Stringer was five cars up on Boyle while Dumicich was another fifteen spots back.
By lap seven, the field was stretched out single file.

Lap nine saw Stringer slightly loose in turn four and Boyle began to close on him. By lap 10, the lead was down to 3 lengths and another circuit took them among lapped vehicles. But caution flew on lap 12.

The field religned, but the division counts caution laps and the race began again on lap 17. But Eric Finkbein, Jr. suffered engine failure on the restart, coming to a halt near the wall just past the stripe.

The field finally restarted on lap 20 with Stringer again taking the lead by a half-car over Boyle. Boyle dropped to his bumper, and Dumicich got past into second and Duane Noll moved Boyle back to fourth. Dumicich wasted no time in taking a look underneath Stringer, who tried to drop under. They went side-by-side into turn three, where Stringer got his lead back.

Dumicich was not finished, however and pursued Stringer over the next four cycles. He was up to Stringer’s bumper on lap 27 and reclaimed the lead. Stringer continued to battle from second as Noll pushed into third, past Lafo. Giordano moved onto Noll’s bumper, sending Boyle back a spot. But Noll was working into third behind Stringer. He last two laps before Giordano and Boyle tangled and spun.

The lap 35 restart saw Dumicich on pole with Stringer outside. Dumicich went to the front while Boyle, Lafo and Koening pursued. Koening got under Stringer into second with Lafo getting under and into third. By lap 38, Dumicich had a four-car lead over Noll. Noll began to close and had it down to two lengths.

But Andy Lindeman went into a three-wide and found himself sideways in turn four. The field was able to dodge, but Noll then retired to the pits. Jordan Churchill had been dragging a piece of his right front fender for several laps, but elected to continue and the flapping fiberglass was not adjudged a safety hazard.

Dumicich was back on pole and Boyle was on the outside. Dumicich grabbed the lead by a nose and Boyle hung on. The lead stretched to half a car with Boyle outside but electing to drop in. Koening came in on his bumper followed by Lafo and Stringer. Churchill got under Lafo to grab the position in turn four of lap 50.

Boyle looked underneath and Dumicich was loos in turn three, allowing Boyle the lead but his opponent dropped under on the backstetch and back onto the front, while Koening got under Boyle into second Chruchill and Giordano were poised and over the final two laps edged Boyle back to fifth.
At the checkers, Dumicich had the win over Koening.

Cassandra Coates finished sixth, followed by Josh Stringer, Lafo, and Lindeman filled out the top ten. Frank Dumicich, Sr. was just off that pace in eleventh place.