Mike Duarte spent the latter half of the Sport Truck feature running away from the rest of the field after becoming the third and final leader in the event. He worked the high side for ten laps against (first) Lenny Guy, who had grabbed the initial lead off the pole by ducking ahead of Darryl Church and then passed Mike Cavallaro, who had taken the lead from Guy. Duarte kept forcing his way ahead on the outside, and it finally paid off on lap ten as he took the high side around Guy, who was hogging Cavallaro’s bumper and then Cavallaro, himself.

Guy shadowed Duarte across the stripe for second, while Mike Lopes, John Robidoux and last week’s winner Barry Shaw rounded out the top five.

Guy and Church came away from the green door-to-door and Darryl took the lead by a nose in turn two. Lenny fired up and got his nose ahead and then surged out of turn three owning the position. Cavallaro, who had started third, glommed onto Guy’s tailgate while Duarte dropped in from outside the second row onto Cavallaro’s tailgate. Robidoux got under Church and behind them Ed Perry was working below Doug Rioux. Josh Hedges followed, awaiting an opportunity.

The leaders tightened up and Guy, Cavallaro and Duarte seemed coupled together like a train. Perry had moved up under Robidoux to compete for third with Hedges on their tails. Cavallaro ducked under Guy in turn four and they went door-to-door down the backstretch and through turns three and four. Cavallaro surged into the lead as they passed the flagstand. Duarte had been on Cavallaro’s bumper and followed him through into second. They ran nose-to-tail while Guy snugged up to Duarte’s tailgate. Perry, Hedges, John Paiva, Lopes and then Robidoux ran in pursuit.

Lap nine saw Duarte go to the high side to pass and went around Guy and alongside Cavallaro. Duarte edged ahead through lap ten and then was a nose ahead through lap eleven. He grabbed the lead out of turn two, trailing Cavallaro, Guy, Hedges and Paiva. Lopes was harrying Paiva for position.

Lap fifteen saw Hedges work his way under Guy for third. Next time around, Duarte had an eight-car lead over Cavallaro and Hedges. But Darryl Dutch spun off the backstretch into the infield, bringing a lap 16 caution, the first on the event.
Duarte and Cavallaro lined up with Hedges and Guy behind them while Paiva and Lopes held down the third row. Duarte was away coming out of the box and Hedges looked under Cavallaro, who pushed ahead on the outside. The lead was three cars on lap 18; Hedges had succeeded Cavallaro in second and Paiva was fifth with Guy on his tail. Lenny went under Paiva for fourth and behind them, Perry worked below Church with Shaw on their bumpers. Duarte pushed the lead to five cars by lap 21.

Perry got sideways but made a super save to continue just before Belcher spun off to the infield at the stripe, to bring up a green-white-chekered restart. Perry headed for the pits.

Duarte and Hedges up for the charge to the checkers with Cavallaro and Guy backing them up. Shaw and Lopes were behind them. It was wheel-to-wheel out of the box and over the stripe. Cavallaro nosed ahead of Guy and Shaw tried to dodge under Lenny. Duarte grabbed the lead on lap 24, Cavallaro got under Hedges as Shaw, Guy and Lopes were in hot pursuit with the checkers coming out.

As the leaders rocketed through turn four Hedges and Cavallaro nudged and spun off to the infield between three and four. There was a mad scramble to avoid as Duarte sailed unfettered to the win and Guy dodged the spinning trucks to grab second with Lopes on his tail.

Rounding out the top ten were Paiva in sixth, then Church, David Simpson, Dutch and Adam Giacomozzi.