We are pleased to announce that Driven Steering Wheels has become an associate sponsor for the 2014 Seekonk Speedway Nick’s Pitstop Legend Series. Driven Steering Wheels is a North Carolina based company that offers steering wheels for every form of Motorsports from  race karts to NASCAR/ Grand Am.  Each week during the race season , one exceptional Legend driver  will be selected as the Driven Steering Wheel Driver of the Week. At the 2014 Seekonk Speedway Banquet one driver will be presented with the Driven Steering Wheels ” Driven Driver of the Year” Award. This driver will also receive a new Driven Steering Wheel. The partnership we hope will bring the competition to the next level. From that last lap pass to side by side battles in 2014 we will see what driver is really driven.  For more information on Driven Steering Wheels go to drivensteering.com0-driven Logo 2