Shelby Donovan captured the whole enchilada in 2014, rounding out her Triple Crown championship and SYRA 750 divisional championship by icing the cake with a season-ending win in the Seekonk Fall Classic.
Donovan and Taylor Bowser led the pack out of the starting box side-by-side and pitched and yawed the lead for a lap and a half until Donovan edged ahead. Brandon Lillie jumped underneath Bowser in a bid for second and began to edge ahead. Bowser stubbornly roared along outside, refusing to yield. They went this way for four laps with David White and Matthew Barboza giving chase. But Lillie finally edged into second and Bowser settled in as Shea Kulpa, fighting a difficult car, spun out of turn four on the seventh circuit.
Donovan and Lillie lined up for the restart, in front of Bowser and White. Donovan nosed out on the green and Lillie dropped in on turn two and looked under, but Donovan pulled away to a one-car lead. Bowser continued to hold third with White in fourth. Into lap nine, Donovan led Lillie, Bowser, White, Barboza and Kulpa.
Lillie closed to a half-car on the following lap and Bowser began to narrow the gap. But Lillie got into the grass at the edge of the track and lost speed, allowing Bowser to retake the runnerup spot. Bowser was four cars back on lap 12 with White and Barboza on her bumper. By lap 15, Donovan’s lead was down to one carlength.
White and Lillie got together in turn four on lap 16, bringing the second caution of the event. Lillie to his car to the pits and did not return.
Donovan and Bowser came out of the box with Donovan grabbing a half-car lead, but Bowser scrambled back alongside. Barboza grabbed second as Kulpa got under White in a battle for fourth.
At the front, Donovan and Bowser were trading some paint until Donovan broke away. Lap 18 saw Barboza challenge Bowser for second and they went wheel-to-wheel, whipsawing the lead. Barboza had the position until Bowser came around him to take the position back. By lap 20, Donovan had a comfortable lead over Bowser, Barboza, White and Kulpa as the field flashed under the checkers.