2014 Pro Stock Laps

DAV Pro Stock 100 Lap Race

1RAYTECH AUTOMOTIVE51Johnson Landscaping
2Columbus Engeries52Johnson Landscaping
3Lifeline Ambulance53Ranstrom
4Dave Lind Racing Tires54Johnson Landscaping
5RestBack Chairs55Johnson Landscaping
6Linblaid Chassis56Seekonk Grand Prix
7Venus De Milo57NAC Security and Stero Systems
8Nat's Racing Engines58DB Fabrication
9Oakland Beach Volunteer Fire59Hollister Auto Body
10Chaz's Autobody60Rest Back Chairs
11J&R Precast61Dave Lind Racing Tires
12In Memory of Bob Pelland Sr62RAYTECH AUTOMOTIVE
13Sun in the City Tanning Salon 401-270-910063Dave Lind Racing Tires
14Nat's Racing Engines64In Memory of Diane Hussey
15630 WPRO65DB Fabrication - Seekonk MA
16Frank & Pat Carpenter66Special Thanks to Herbie Hollister - Len Ellis
17Phil's Propane67Phil's Propane
18Dave Lind Racing Tires68Nat's Racing Engines
19in loving memory of Gerarld Gross69J&R Precast
20Preferred Towing and Recovery70RAYTECH AUTOMOTIVE
21In memory of Little Ed71TEAM 71
22D&B Motorsports72Cat Country 98.1
23Kraze's Speed Equipment73Columbus Energies
24Nat's Racing Engines74RAYTECH AUTOMOTIVE
25Hollister Auto Body75Seekonk Grand Prix
26DB Fabrication 76Nat's Racing Engines
27Venus De Milo - Swansea MA77Technology for Business - Allied Business Solutions
28East Coast Collision78Oakland Beach Volunteer Fire
29Phil's Propane79Jamie's Performance Muffler Shop
30Nat's Racing Engines80D & B Motorsports
31In Memory of Jim McCallum / Sport Four #3181In memory of Timmy Arruda
32Quality Fruitland - Seekonk MA82Jamie's Performance Muffler Shop
33Special thanks to the X Factor - Len Ellis83DB Fabrication - Seekonk MA
34N.A.C. Security & Stereo Systems 84Giovanni Auto Sales
35Ranstrom85Quality Fruit Land - Seekonk MA
36DB Fabrication86New England Golf Cars
37Lifeline Ambulance87Nat's Racing Engines
38In Memory of John Tetreault III88Phil's Propane $100 lap
39Nat's Racing Engines89Hollister Auto Body
40Mike Mitchell - G&R racing90Nat's Racing Engines
41Ellis Racing91In memory of Ma Houlihan - Len Ellis
42Zingali Las Vegas92DB Fabrication
43Dave Lind Racing Tires93In Memory of Diane Hussey
44Nat's Racing Engines94Jamie's Performance Muffler Shop
45Seekonk Grand Prix95Seekonk Grand prix
46Phil's Propane96Nat's Racing Engines
47Jamie's Performance Muffler Shop97DB Fabrication - Seekonk MA
48Linblaid Chassis98East Coast Collision
49In Memory of Brad Scott - Len Ellis99Frank & Pat Carpenter
50Spencer Electric / In Memory of Joe (Butchie) Ferreira - Love your son100Mop Nation Racing & Yeahmop.com