On the last day of championship points racing, Dave Desrosiers was able to nail down the win he has been so close to much of the season, but has seen elude him.  Until the current event.  This time, the bad racing luck fell to the rest of the racing world and Dave ran to the lead on lap three, remaining there until Greg Perry, Jr. could get by late in the feature.  But Perry’s luck failed him as his motor erupted in clouds of smoke in lap two with two laps remaining.  Dave faced off against Doug Benoit, who had claimed the Pure Stock championship by taking the green flag at the beginning of the race, and they brawled it out to the finish with Desrosiers coming home with the trip to Victory Lane.  Benoit was second, while Benoit’s championship rival DJ Pires grabbed third.  Lenny Sousa and Mike Henriques rounded out the top five.

            Desrosiers started the feature behind polesitter Max Bergstrom.  Marissa Morgan was outside pole and Dave got under her as Bergstrom grabbed the initial lead.  Second time around, Sousa came up and got under Morgan, then found himself sideways in turn four.  Morgan spun and Amy Arsenauolt took to the infield to avoid.  Ava Chouinard braked hard to avoid and wound up spinning out in the box.

            Now Bergstrom had Desrosiers on his shoulder for the restart.  Pires and Sousa were row two with The Outlaw, Danny Massa, Jr. and Henriques in row three. Benoit and Perry lurked behind them.

            Max nosed ahead at the stripe and they went door-to-door through turn two.  Sousa ran to Desrosiers’ high side while Massa was under Henriques.  As Bergstrom pulled ahead on lap two, Pires was under Desrosiers, but Dave pulled into second on the outside.  Pires, not to be outdone, pulled back underneath.

            Desrosiers pushed up alongside Bergstrom and they ran wheel-to-wheel across the stripe.  They pitched and yawed the lead, crossing into lap five with the computers calculating Desrosiers with eight thousandths of a second lead on Bergstrom. Pires, Massa and Sousa brawled for position behind them.

            Dave continued to edge ahead on Bergstrom, who was loath to yield an inch.  Lap five saw him almost completely past, but Shayne Lambert and Ava Chouinard got together and brought out the caution.

            Desrosiers and Bergstrom went wheel-to-wheel then Desrosiers pulled ahead with Pires dropping under Bergstrom.  Benoit and Massa were side-by-side behind them.  The field strong out toward single file; Pires captured second with Benoit on his tail followed by Perry and Henrques ahead of Massa.  Bergstrom was finally able to drop in behind The Outlaw.

            Pires was all over Desrosiers’ bumper, and Benoit was all over his.  Perry now rushed up on Pires’ high side and at the midpoint of the race was alongside Desrosiers.

They ran four, hard laps, hacksawing the lead until Perry claimed the lead with six laps remaining. Pires ducked in under Desrosiers, followed by Benoit, Sousa, Massa and Henriques.

            With four to go, Perry still led, but got loose and Desrosiers jumped alongside.    Perry pulled ahead once more, then suddenly a cloud of smoke burst out from under his car and he drove to the pits.

Caution was called for fluid on the track from his disintegration.

            Now Desrosiers and Pires lined for the restart, and Dave jumped to the fore right out of the boxc and got the full lead in turn two.  Benoit went under Pires on the final lap as Massa got under Sousa.  Massa spun in turn four, heading toward the checkers as Desrosiers led Benoit across the line.  Pires came home third while Sousa followed by Henriques filled the top five. Sixth went to Arsenault, followed by Tommy Blackwell, Marissa Morgan, Adrien Sardinha and Chouinard.