Devin Deshaies vaulted off the outside pole at the start of the Bandolero Bandit feature and his competitors saw nothing but his back bumper for the remainder of the feature. Nickolas Hovey saw the most of it, assaulting Deshaies from the rear for the entire race. Hovey came past polesitter Isaiah Newcomb on the initial lap, then pursued Deshaies in a private duel as they outdistanced the field. In the final outcome, RJ Marcotte swung in for third, Isaiah finished fourth and Riley Caron completed the top five.

A lap one restart, after Ryan Arieta lost power and was forced to retire, saw Deshaies and Hovey battle down the frontstretch before Deshaies resumed the lead in turn one. Hovey settled onto his bumper as Marcotte took over third and Newcomb settled in behind with Giovanni Reggiero and Nathan Smith in pursuit.

By lap six, Marcotte had come up to Hovey and took a look outside then dropped in behind after running alongside down the backstretch. He tried again and kept edging up on the outside but again dropped back in on turn four. They waged war through laps 8, 9, 10 and 11.

This was good for Deshaies, who used the time to go out to a half-straight lead. The leaders began to encounter lapped vehicles and Marcotte edged up as Hovey dealt with getting by them.

Into the white flag lap, Marcotte surged around Hovey and got his nose ahead, but Hovey was able to gain it back in turns three and four to preseve his second place.

Sixth on the event went to Riley Caron followed by Reggiero, Smith, Joel Newcomb and Hailey Vallerand.