Devin Deshaies’ season peaked with a big win at the D. Anthony Venditti Memorial race with a late-laps pass of Ryan Arieta, who had led the Bandolero Bandits since the green dropped on the feature. Arieta came off the pole and RJ Marcotte had locked onto his bumper from the low side of row two. Deshaies was stuckon the outside and fell back to drop in behind Marcotte. Following the second of two caution, the lap eight restart, the trio combined to battle to the finish.

Arieta was hot from the start, and quickly went to a three car lead on the second circuit. Marcotte had Deshaies on his bumper, followed by Nicholas Hovey and Isaiah Newcomb. Newcomb took advantage as Deshaies went wide in turn four and surged into third. Newcomb was able to duck under as well, going to fourth.

Arieta closed in on lapped traffic on lap five’s backstretch. Deshaies went to Newcomb’s outside on the next time around as Giovanni Reggiero came loose in the pack, but was able to recover. Moments later, Joel Newcomb came out of turn three onto the berm, throwing sparks from underneath and came to a halt in turn four, stuck athwart the berm.
The restart managed a single lap, ended when Reggiero suffered steering gear problems and was forced to retire.
On the restart, Arieta had Marcotte on his shoulder, while Hovey and Deshaies backed them up. As Arieta went to the lead, Deshaies pushed past Hovey into third. Deshaies went to work on Marcotte as Arieta closed on lapped cars. The traffic slowed his progress, and the field began to catch up.

Deshaies went to Marcotte’s high side and they dueled. Marcotte was unable to hold him off and he took over second on lap 15 and began to close on Arieta. He ran up to Arieta’s bumper on the final turn of lap and went to the outside. As they battled, a group of lapped cars interposed and Arieta found himself caught up in the traffic.

Deshaies seized the moment and jetted to the front before Arieta could get clear. The ran the final yards to the checkers with Deshaies claiming the win by a half-second. Arieta was second, followed by Marcotte, Hovey and Isaiah Newcomb. Riley Caron came home sixth, followed by PJ Evans, Nathan Smith, Brody Monahan and Joel Newcomb.