by Dana Rowe

            Devin Deshaies has become a powerhouse in the Bandolero Bandits Division and went on yet another Friday night tear-up at the Cement Palace to come home with his sixth win on the season. This time out, thanks to his winning ways, he started off in eighth, among an even dozen competitors: this thanks to his multitudinous victories.  Hence, it took him a few extra laps to grind his way to the front.  It was not until a lap 11 restart outside Rapid Riley Caron on the front row that he got his chance at the lead.  They were door-to-door under the green flag and for an entire lap, hacksawing the front until Devin moved ahead.

            Caron went to his power to stay in the mix, but it was a fraction too much and he spun out leaving Deshaies with the lead.  Devin and Isaiah Newcomb stepped in for the following faceoff and Deshaies was away right out of the starting box.  Four laps later, he was under the checkers with his sixth trip to Victory Lane.

            A bevy of players drove under Newcomb, who was stuck on the outside, unable to get back in.  Rounding out the top five at the finish were:  Nathan Smith in second, followed by Caron (who had come rocket-propelled from his rear-end restart), Giovanni Ruggerio and Nikolas Frechette.

            Frechette and Smith led off with Braden Meservey and Caron in row two.  Smith nosed ahead in trun two, but suddenly was high and wide in turn four, allowing Frechette to easily scoot into the lead.  Meservey ducked under into second but in the blink of an eye, Ruggerio rocketed past into second.

            Caron went to Frechette’s high side and with five laps down, powered into the lead.  Behind Frechette, Ruggerio was suddenly sideways and just as sudden straightened it out and kept on charging.

            Lap seven saw Caron building a lead over Frechette, who had bigger problems in hand:  DeShaies had arrived on his back bumper and was attempting to get underneath and into second.  As Deshaies broke into the lead, he was looking fifteen cars ahead to the fleeing Caron.  As the gap began to close, Collin Vanasse spun in turn four and caution ensued.

            Caron and Deshaies lined up, took the green and went door-to-door for a full lap before Deshaies pulled ahead and Riley spun.  As the field restarted, Deshaies battled Newcomb then began building his lead.  At the rear, Caron lit the afterburners and in the final two laps got past Newcomb and rushed to fifth.

            Coming down the finishing stretch, as Deshaies was crossing under the checkered flag, and Newcomb and Ruggerio battling over third, there was contact between the pair and Ruggerio went around.  This allowed Caron the option to run around them and capture third behind Smith.  Frechette was unable to avoid and they came to grief astride the stripe but the electronics scored them as fourth (Ruggerio) and fifth (Frechette).

            Sixth went to Meservey, followed by Ryan Arieta, Isaiah Newcomb, Vanasse, Brent Robidoux, Isabella Newcomb (making her first-ever start in Joel Newcomb’s car) and Colin Floyd.