Rehoboth’s Dave Darling avoided early race tragedies that affected his closest competitors, then Dueled Rob Murphy through the latter two-thirds of the race to fly home to the checkers.  Darling edged past Dave Hutchins for second on lap 12, looking to take the top spot from Murphy, who had assumed the spot from pole sitter Dick Houlihan on the second circuit.  Darling dogged Murphy through lap 22 before nabbing the lead, and it was his race for the remainder of the of the 40-lap feature, ensuring himself second in the overall divisional standings, as Mike Brightman was knocked out of the race in lap 5 with a broken rear suspension.  Points Leader Fred Astle survived a three-car crash with Tom Scully, Sr. and Phil to claim third and hold on to his points lead.  Hutchins was fourth and Tom Scully, Jr. garnered fifth.

                Darling started in eleventh, with Houlihan and Kevin Casper on the front row.  Murphy, starting third, pushed up underCasperin a bid for second; got his nose past before caution flew on lap 2.  As Tom, Sr. and Kyle Casper fought for position, they touched, sending Scully into a spin in turn 1.  Meany slid into Scully and Astle found himself collected into the incident. Astle and Scully were able to return, but it was am early exit for Meany.

                The restart had Murphy outside Houlihan.  Darling had edged up to eighth.  Murphy fell back at the green but rushed back up and was door-to-door with Houlihan.  Hutchins moved under Kevin, and Brightman closed up to Hutch’s bumper.  Scully, Jr. locked onto Brightman’s tail.

                With Houlihan and Murphy still wheel-to-wheel, Brightman pulled alongside Hutchins in lap 4.  Coming out of turn four on the next lap, Hutchins got up into Brightman, sending him into a brush with the wall.  He rebounded but slewed back in with greater impact, where his wheels momentarily climbed the wall.  He powered around for the pits, trailing clouds of tire smoke from a damaged rear suspension.

                Darling restarted fifth, while Murphy had pole, went to the front and motored away as Hutchins got under Houlihan.  Darling followed.  Astle moved under Scully.  By lap 11, Murphy was 8 cars up on Darling, who was followed by Hutch, Freddy, Houlihan and Tom, Jr.  Darling closed the gap by lap 18 with Hutch and Astle behind him.  Lap 20 saw Colby Fournier around in turn three with Jason Ferreira brushing the front stretch wall.  Kyle was unable to avoid the stalled Fournier.

                Murphy went ahead on the restart, but Darling pulled back alongside as Astle worked outside Hutchins.  Darling dropped under Murphy for some wheel-to-wheel as Astle took over third.  By lap 24, Darling was running away from the field with Astle on Murphy’s bumper.  Scully pulled up to fifth behind Hutchins.  Darling went out to a comfortable lead and Murphy was able to gain a substantial lead over Astle by the checkers.

                Joe Kohler came back from a week where the rear two-thirds of his body had been torn off in a mid-race crash to dominate and win the Street Stock feature.  Scott Cestodio earned the pole inside of Jimmy Belmont. 

Cestordio went to the front out of turn 2, while Craig Pianka stuck to Cestodio’s bumper.  Kohler ducked underBelmont, then looked the same way on Pianka, going quickly to second on lap 3.  Pianka, Belmont and Nick D’Alessio trailed along.

                Rego came around D’Alessio to fourth.  Lineham, who had been working his three-wide passes to move up from his thirteenth place start, pulled in behind Rego on lap 8. Belmontlooped on the backstretch into turn 3 bringing out a lap 12 caution.  Kohler was outside Cestodio, with Pianka and Rego behind them.  Lineham and defending champ, Steve Axon were row 3.

                The leaders were door to door off the green; Rego went to third before Mike Mitchell spun into turn 4 and headed for the pits.  Kohler now had the pole by virtue of a nose ahead at the previous stripe, and Cestodio worked the outside.  He went to the front, Cestodio saw Rego get underneath, and then Lineham came under to third.  Justin Travis and Vincent Arrenegado, Jr. did a tandem spin for caution in lap 15.

                Kohler had Rego on his outside, Lineham and Cestodio behind.  Rego’s rear got loose at the flag and Kohler pulled away.  Lineham got under in a bid for second, wheel-to-wheel with Rego while trying to nose below Kohler, who accelerated away.  Rego and Lineham got together coming off the front stretch, sliding up into turn 1.  Action continued with Cestodio taking second with Rego behind him; Rey Lovelace, Crystal Serydynski, Lineham and Axon followed.

                Kohler was moving away and had eked out a 5-car lead by lap 22.  Rego was trying around Cestodio.  Next lap saw Arrenegado around in turn four, setting up another Kohler-Cestodio face off with two laps remaining.  Cestodio’s car wiggled on the restart, allowing Kohler the front with Rego, Serydynski, and Lovelace/Axon door to door.  A three-wide for fifth had Lineham roaring around the duo on the final circuit.  Kohler grabbed his third win on a sophomore season with Cestodio on his bumper.  Serydynski roared in with a fine third place, followed by Axon, Rego, Lovelace, Pianka, Arsenault, Mike Lema and Lineham.  Lineham showed Rego his displeasure over the early race contact with a post-race bump from the rear; the pair were each given a 2-place penalty on the final positions, Rego for the assist on Lineham in the spin and Lineham for the post-race tap.

                Fast Ed Gannon wrestled his four cylinder truck to the front ahead of the V8’s to pick up his fourth win if the season.  Gannon started outside Berube in the fourth row, while Billy Clarke and Jim “The Hawk” Hawkins had the front.  By lap 2, Berube had worked his way to the lead with Gannon on his tail and Dan Leach coming from sixth to give chase.  Clarke looped out of turn two for a caution.

                Berube and Gannon faced off with leach and Paiva behind them.  It took two tries to get the field moving again, with a false start and a spin in turn 3.  Berube then went to the front, Gannon chasing and Paiva and Leach door to door.  Gannon continued to toil over Berube’s bumper through lap 8 when an underneath move took him to the lead.  Berube pushed back with eight cylinders on the straights and Gannon moved ahead on the turns.  By lap 9, Gannon had almost a full car lead.  On lap 10, Berube slewed into turn 1, falling six car lengths back.  Paiva was on his bumper with Cavallaro following and Leach behind.  Cavallaro got under into third on lap 15.  Gannon was enjoying an 8 car lead on Berube and 16 lengths over Cavallaro.  By lap 19, he was into lapped traffic.

                Cavallaro went into second on lap 21, and Berube, with his right front tire gone down, went to the pits.  With 4 laps remaining, Gannon was running fast with a straightaway lead which he took to the checkers.  Cavallaro claimed second, 2.538 seconds back.  Leach, Paiva, and Ronhock completed the top 5.  Dane Saritelli, returning for his first race of the season, was sixth, followed by Anna Gregoire, Clarke, Robert Rainville and The Hawk to round out the top 10.

                Ryan Vanasse made it eight wins out of 12 features, but the wily, consistent Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. battled for the win, leading from lap 7 to lap 25, finishing second and only yielding 2 points to Vanasse for the win. DeGasparre started in the fourth row and Vanasse in the fifth.  Barboza and Bernard led off, with Barboza taking the front while Jeramee Lillie an