The odds were a little long that second-place sitter Crystal Serydynski could overcome Scott Bruneau’s lead in divisional points, but there was a chance.  And Crystal did what she had to . . . all that she could, in fact:  She sormed out and won the season’s final regular season feature, nailing down a difficult win over tenacious Ed Gannon III.  But Bruneau also did what he had to:  he finished close enough, in eleventh place, to claim the crown in the Speedway’s most entertaining division.  A wild, final month had mixed and remixed the standings between Bruneau, Crystal and Rey Lovelace driving mathematicians who had to keep Streeters’ statistics into near madness.

They had the field rolling out with Crystal starting sixth, rught behind Lovelace and Bruneau starting thirteenth.  Randy Moretti and Craig Pianka held the front row to kick things off, and Moretti pulled out to the lead with Manny Dias jumping forward under Pianka to grab second.  Lovelace filled the lower spot as Pianka drifted back on the outside.  Crystal moved underneath and Pianka finally dropped in behind her, bumping the rear of her car as he settled.  She held it straight and pulled away.

Stephen Potter spun on lap nin, bringing a lap eight restart which saw Moretti and Dias at the front and Lovelace and Crystal behind them.  Gannon and Scott Serydynski were the third row.  On the green, Moretti went ahead as Dias got loose, settling to second.  Crystal fought outside Lovelace.  But Dias slowed and at the stripe, che went to his outside.

Dias continued having looseness problems and it let Lovelace get in underneath.  Caught in the middle3, Dias wavered then banged up against Crystal.  Again, she held it straight and forged ofreard into second Behind Moretti.  Lovelace secured third.  By lap 12, Bruneau had faded from thirteenth back to fifteenth as his competition was rushing forward.

It took three tries to clear a lap 12 cautioln but finally they got away clean and Moretti and Crystal ran door-to-door with Crystal edging ahead at the stripe.  Gannon came around Moretti on the following circuit.  Now, it was Crystal, Gannon, Moretti, Lovelace and Dias., but a wild scene had Glen Tavares, Austin Blais and Gerard Berthelett together ina  complex knot in turn four, with Berthelette’s radiator pouring water.  The track crew struggled to clear the track as Blais drove to the pits but was unable to return.  Berthelette and Tavares were away on the hook.

Crystal and Gannon came under the green wheel-to-wheel until Gannon caught some speedy dry from the previous  crash, loosened up and fell back a few feet.  On the next lap, Crystal gained the lead going into turn four and Gannon tried to take it back with a cross under move, but was denied.  Gannon pursued her rear bumper with Moretti, Lovelace and scott following.  Bruneau had now moved up to eleventh.  Paul Lallier began to debate with Bruneau over position.  The current and the future champ debated the issue until Lallier was able to move past on lap 23.

Two laps later, Crystal flashed under the checers for her third win on the season.  She was a mere six points short of Bruneau in the standings!

Gannon claimed second, a half-second back, just ahead of Moretti, Lovelace and Scott Serydynski.  Rounding out the top ten were:  John Hanafin, Dias, Bobby Bettencourt, Ryabn Lineham and Paul Lallier.  It’s noteworthy that the top ten had four Street Stock champions in it on this evening:  Scott Serydynski, Bettencourt, Lineahm and Lallier!   Bruneau, the new champ,  followed the standing champ (Lallier) in eleventh place.