Connor Souza worked his way up from midpack to spoil Zachary Martinez’ romp at the front of the field with a lap eleven pass and then fought off the challenges of Mason Tessier by just a couple of feet at the finish line.  Evan Marchand was able to push past Martinez with two laps to go in the fifteen-lap event to grab third.  Martinez was less than a tenth of a second off pace for fourth, while Brittany Campbell nailed down fifth.

Marchand and Campbell were on the front row at the start; Marchand grabbed the lead at the green while Martinez dug under Campbell into second.  Souza further compounded the issue on the second circuit by dropping onto Martinez’ bumper, locking Campbell to the outside.    Souza surged forward and was looking under but came loose, while Tessier tucked under Souza and took over third with the latter clinging to his bumper.

Souza got under Marchand for third in a turn four pass before Maddie Harkin spun in turn two, calling out the first caution in the new series.  Martinez and Tessier lined up for the lap eight restart.  Martinez won the drag race out of the starting box and Souza ducked under Tessier onto Martinez’ bumper.  Marchand now ducked under Tessier, looking for third.  Campbell and Harkin followed.

Lap eleven saw Souza use the cross under move to get past Martinez into the lead.  Marchand looked wide to take second but Martinez held him off.

Harkin spun again in turn two with two laps remaining, bringing a major confrontation between the leaders.  She retired to the pits at this point.  Souza took pole with Martinez outside.  Tessier and Marchand were row two, followed by Campbell and Tyler Tomassi.  Coming out of the box, Souza nosed away and Tessier dived in under Martinez to steal second.  Martinez and Marchand dueled for third into the white flag lap with Marchand getting the lead down the backstretch.

Tomassi finished sixth, followed by Wesley Heard.