Chris Pacheco came off the outside pole with the lead, and kept it there, save for four laps just past the midpoint where David Westgate pushed past into the lead. Pacheco fought it off and resumed the front with five laps remaining in the 25-lapper. He remained there despite attempts by Westgate to retake the lead and collected a trip to Victory Lane with a dash under the checkers. Arthur Meack captured third, while Mike LeFort, Wesgate and Michael Glad commanded the top five.

It took two tries to get the race started as Henry Lavalle got bumped up to the wall in turn one, slapped the barrier with his rear quarter while Dylan Decoster became stuck on the front straight. He pitted for the duration.

Once again and Jason Poitras and Pacheco went door-to-door for the lead with Pacheco winning the argument. Poitras pursued, ahead of Meack, Westgate and Jordan Lopes. Meack took over second on lap three, while Samantha Mattera claimed third. As Pacheco continued to add to his lead, the competition heated up in the pack.

Westgate had Poitras on his bumper with Christine Cavallaro for a trailer. Poitras nosed under westgate and into the lead. Cavallaro was all over Westgate’s bumper.

Lap eleven saw Joey Motta spin in turn four. On the restart, Pacheco was back into the lead while behind him Westgate debated second alongside Meack. Lopes got by Cavallaro into fourth. But three laps later, she nosed under Lopes but was denied. LeFort then went around her on the outside and set up to do the same with Lopes. But John Lineberger got loose and barely kept it off the wall. Pacheco was working on a three-car lead over Meack and Westgate when caution fell again, this time for a stalled David Grengs on the backstretch.

Pacheco dueled with Westgate on the restart before taking the lead once again. It was here that Westgate had his laps at the front. But Mattera was sideways in turn two and collected Poitras. Both went back to racing.

The restart saw Pacheco outdistance Meack but Tim Ouellette went around in turn four. Another try and Pacheco again had the lead. Once again, the caution hit with Glen Leduc sideways and Ouellette going around to miss him. This brought up a green-white-checkered restart.

Pacheco outran Meack again right out of the box while LeFort grabbed third and Wesgate battled him for the spot. At the line, Pacheco had his win and Meack the second. LeFort won the war for third leaving Westgate in fourth, ahead of Glad. Rounding out the top ten were: Alexander Manuel, Karlin Levesque, Tim Bolger Jr., Mattera and Poitras.