Gil Bradstreet was in a no-nonsense mood at the Fall Classic and made it stick, running from the pole to the checkers at the head of the pack, fending off David Westgate and then Michael Glad in the process. Glad and Westgate also were in serious dispute over the runnerup spot. Division two-time champ Devin Miranda started scratch, due to a penalty for getting into Lenny Sousa in the qualifier, which sent him to the rear of the finishing order and the starting grid on the feature. Miranda was able to plug his way through the pack and finish fourth, while Sousa rounded out the top five.
Bradstreet was away from David Gargaro like a shot and Westgate went underneath Gargaro to nab second. Glad started fourth and pulled past Gargaro into third. Mike LeFort followed, with Rick Lineham, Dylan Cabral and Bob Henry giving chase.
By lap two, Bradstreet had a two car lead and Westgate was fending off Glad. Miranda was rocketing toward the front and went from last to eleventh by lap two. Gargaro began looking under Glad for third, but Dylan Cabral spun to the infield off turn three and caution came out.
Bradstreet burst out of the box again after a bad start called the field back. Glad got under Westgate into second as Lineham split the gap into fourth place. Gargaro pursued in fourth. By lap 7, Westgate was alongside glad as their combat gave Bradstreet clear sailing out to a six car lead. Gargaro latched onto Lineham’s bumper and made contact on lap 10. Lineham’s rear wheels broke loose and he spun in turn two, taking three tough hits from the scattering pack. He was out after ten laps, along with Garret Kuhn and Christine Cavallaro.
Bradstreet was away like a flash once more as Glad, Westgate and LeFort were three-wide over second. Westgate came out on top while glad and LeFort settled in. Behind them Souza was running underneath Miranda as they battled over fifth place. Matt Smith headed for the pit tunnel, but stalled in the entrance, bringing another caution after a single lap.
Bradstreet and Glad went door-to-door on the green, coming around and out of turn four dead even, but Bradstreet began to eke out a lead. They battled for two laps before Westgate suddenly fell off the pace on lap 14. He was, however, able to gather it back up but Glad had gotten in underneath on the next circuit. Miranda was at their backs, poised to take in any opportunity they gave him after he had gotten by LeFort, who was now being chased by Sousa.
Lap sixteen saw Bradstreet’s lead balloon out to a half-straightaway as the competition brawled behind him. Glad and Westgate continued their duel and Miranda bided his time. Westgate edged ahead and took second anmd Miranda got under Glad. Glad bumped Westgate’s rear and he came loose and lost ground on lap 17.
Bradstreet’s half-straightaway lead held into lap eighteen as the field stretched out and pursued him to the checkers.
Sixth on the event went to Bob Henry. Gargaro was seventh, just ahead of Westgate. They were followed by Glen Leduc and Sam Mattera, the last car running, in tenth.