Hugh Bowser jumped off the pole and led the Mini Cup field all the way to the finish to claim his first career victory in a racecar. His feat now makes him part of a family trio with feature wins, also including his father, Hugh, and sister Taylor.
He had a small problem in the beginning, dropping the hammer a few yards before he had reached the starting box, the field was called back and he was admonished by race control. On the second try, Hugh mosed ahead of Ava Chouinard, who battled back to again come even. But he pushed ahead in turn two and led at the end of lap one. Nikolas Frechette held third, ahead of Maddie Harkin, Jake Melberg and Zachary Martinez.

The field stretched out quickly and Bowser went out to a two-car lead. He continued to add to his lead, going to ten cars on lap eight. But lap nine pulled it all bak as Tommy Harris spun in turn two.

Bowser and Chouinard were at the front again and as the green fell, Hugh bounced to the front. Frechette went under Chouinard from low in the second row and Nikolas took over second. Harkin, who had been fourth, suddenly faded and Melberg acquired fourth as a result.

Bowser built a five-car lead over Frehette as the field stretched out once again and they ran single file to the finish over the final four laps. Frechette fired in second, ahead of Chouinard, Melberge, Zachary Levesque and Martinez. Harris was seventh, followed by Michael Cooper and Harkin.