Somerset’s Ted Berube went from the outside pole to victory lane with seeing a truck ahead for the entire 30 laps of the race.  He had two harriers on the day:  Sport Trucks divisional champ Radical Rick Martin, who had earned polesitter honors, and Ed Gannon.  Gannon, from Fall River, got around Westporter Martin with two laps remaining to garner a second place on the event.  Gannon had also led laps 7 through 14 up to the midpoint of the race.

Barry Shaw, making his second start in a new truck, finished a strong third on the field. The remainder of the top 10 were:  Dan Leach N. Dighton, Ma, Mike Cavallaro, Seekonk, Russ Borges, Michael Ronhock, Mashpee, Ma, Lenny Guy, New Bedford, MA and Steve Dumas of Quincy.

The start had to be called back, as an aggressive Berube jumped and the yellow flew. Back for a second try, he leapt away from Martin into the lead.

With Berube having no problem moving away at the front, Gannon settled in to challenging Martin for second.  But on lap 6, Dennisport driver Joseph Gardner spun off turn four and into the infield grass at the stripe.  Berube went back to busying himself at the front while Gannon went low under Martin.  Shaw was on their tails.  Gannon went to second and Shaw dropped under Martin in a try to wrest third from him.  He popped through and by lap 12 it was Berube, Gannon and Shaw, followed by Martin and Borges.

By the midway point, Berube was lapping Gardner.  Dumas and Guy got together in the same lap, coming off turn 4, bringing out the caution.

Gannon was outside Berube on the restart, and as Berube went back to the lead, Martin nosed under to deprive Gannon of second.  Shaw and Borges gave chase.  With 10 to go, Martin began to close on Berube and as he neared, started for the outside for the pass.  Martin seemed able to move closer on the corners, but Berube had the power to pull away on the straights. Gannon pulled up behind and the three were bunched with five laps remaining.

Lap 27 Martin once again on Berube’s back bumper, but Gannon got a nose under Martin, which pulled him away from the leader.  Gannon pushed ahead and crossed the stripe just .056 in front to take second, relegating Martin to third.