Pure Stocks

It took Doug Benoit 9 years to get Pure Stock win number 1 and just two weeks to get win number two.  “Retiring” during our rain-out last week and making a “comeback” tonight, Benoit managed to avoid most of the carnage in a yellow-heavy Pure Stock feature.  At the top of the race though, it was Lenny Sousa in his #31 and Robert Moore’s #40.  Bob had trouble early, and Sousa had trouble later as both ended up being non-factors at the end.  Amy Arsenault’s #9 machine was a factor through most of the race, giving Benoit fits for most of the second half of the race.  However, contact sent her her a lap down to a 14th place finish.  In the end, it was Benoit holding off a hard charging Mike Henriques in his #03, Dylan Cabral, who’s always a factor, and Colby Lambert.


Jeremy Lambert was penalized a lap for intentionally drawing a yellow flag, and stopped at the pit entrance during another caution period to have a conversation with a track official, so he may be seeing more penalties before the Helger’s South Coast Power Equipment Pure Stock series gets back underway next Friday night.

Top 5

Doug Beoit; Mike Henriques; Dylan Cabral; Colby Lambert; DJ Pires