Travis Benjamin rolled in with the marbles in the Pro All-Star Tour’s season ender at the Seekonk Haunted Hundred event, just ahead of Reid Lanpher while Nick Sweet made the podium finish with a big third place. Meanwhile, DJ Shaw’s seventh overall granted him the ACT championship.

            Early on, it was a couple of Seekonk regulars who had led the event, beginning with Craig Weinstein jumping off the outside pole into the lead at the outset.  Polesitter Gabe Brown dueled Weiustein wheel to wheel but gave way and The Rocket – Ryan Vanasse followed  with Wayne Helliwell, Jr (winner of the DAV Memorial race two weeks earlier) on his bumper. Behind them, Garrett Hall was working underneath Nick Johnson.

            But on lap five, Ben Rowe – the all-time top winner in PASS – went around and into the grass of the infield on the front stretch in front of the flagstand, bringing the first caution of the event.  He was off on the hook, ending his day.

            Weinstein now had the pole with Brown on his high side. Vanasse and Helliwell were the second row with Hall and Johnson in row three.  Weinstein had the lead crossing the stripe and Vanasse got under Brown. Hall pushed under Brown as well. Lap eight had Weinstein leading, shadowed by The Rocket and Hall.  Derek Ramstrom got past Helliwell on lap ten and into fifth.  A lap later, Benjamin came up onto Helliwell’s bumper.

            By lap fourteen, the field was strung out and Weinstein led Vanasse by eight lengths.  Vanasse was 20 cars ahead of Hall.  Brown followed, chased by Ramstrom, Helliwell and Benjamin.

            Weinstein continued to build space and by lap 30, he was 15 carlenths ahead of Vanasse, who had a full straight on the field. Twice more around the oval and Weinstein was beginning to lap stragglers.

            Ramstrom began to challenge Brown for third and got a nose under on lap 35.  He went to third while Helliwell and Benjamin followed him through.  But suddenly, the picture crumbled as leader Weinstein had his back end snap out between turns one and two after runing close under a lapped car.

            Craig geared up and kept on, but Vanasse had gone by him into the lead and the caution was shown after all this had transpired.  The result was a restart with Vanasse on the pole and Weinstein on the outside.  Ramstrom and Helliwell were row two.

            Vanasse grabbed the lead coming out of turn two and two laps later – lap 40 – had eight cars on Weinstein.  Ramstrom was getting underneath craig while Helliwell worked underneath Sweet.

            Vanasse began to run away from the field while Ramstrom dueled Weinstein for the runnerup slot.  Ramstrom wrested the position away on lap 41 and Helliwell came underneath and onto Ramstrom’s bumper.  Benjamin came next and into fourth.  The field became strung out behind them.

            The lead was 15 cars on lap 50, with two thirds of the race remaining.  Shaw was now sixth behind Weinstein.  Further back, Dave Darling and Bobby Pelland III were dueling side-by-side over 11thplace, just behind Reid Lanpher.

            Benjamin edged closer to the front, going under Helliwell into third on lap 55.  Vanasse continued to lead, going to a straightaway’s distance ahead of Ramstrom, sixty laps in.

            Benjamin’s next move was getting under Ramstrom into second on lap 69.  Helliwell followed him into third.  Halfway through, Vanasse continued to hold his straightaway lead over Benjamin, who was now five ahead of helliwell, who had Ramstrom on his bumper followed by Weinstein.

            Lap 80 saw Vanasse navigating through and lapping the main pack of drivers.  Benjamin was still a straight in arrears.  Until Weinstein came rolling slowly down the backstretch trying to make the pit exit with his right front tire going down.  The starter called caution, and Vanasse’s lead collapsed.

            On the restart, Rick Martin was outside Vanasse and Benjamin and Ramstrom were row two.  The Rocket was away again and Benjamin got under Martin and into second as Vanasse assumed a five-car lead on lap 85.  By lap 86 the field was again strung out.  Helliwell pursued Benjamin in third.   Sweet held fourth and behind him, Ramstrom and Martin were door-to-door.

            At the century mark, Vanasse had five lengths on Benjamin, helliwell followed and Sweet was fourth.  Derek Griffith had passed Ramstrom into fifth.  Vanasse.s lead began to shring by small increments, down to four cars on lap 102, as Darling made his way into the top ten.  Three laps later it was down to three cars, then two on the following lap and then one.  They got into lapped traffic and came out with Vanasse again two cars in the lead and on lap 114, it was three.

            Lap 117 saw Vanasse approach the lapped car of Ray Christian III, who did not give way.  Vanasse looked to the outside, but at the same time, Helliwell spun in turn two while battling Sweet for position.

            Benjamin and Vanasse lined up and went door-to-door for most of two laps before Benjamin dropped into second and stayed on The Rocket’s bumper.  Sweet was hard on Travis’ rear and Curtis Gerry was on his.  Lanpher now got under Gerry and into fourth while Griffith came in behind Gerry  Helliwell ;hd worked his way back up and stood between Griffith and Shaw.

            Lap 127 saw Benjamin drop and shoot under Vanasse and grab the lead.  Sweet followed suit, dropping Ryan to third.  Lanpher then moved him back to fourth.  Lanpher was all over Sweet as Benjamin rolled out to an eight-car lead.

            Gerry went to work on Vanasse and took over fourth and Griffith moved past into fifth.

With five laps remaining, Benjamin had a fifteen-car lead over Lanpher.  The field was single-file and running hard.  The final five laps were a parade to the checkers with Benjamin hauling down the big win and Lanpher in the runnerup spot.  Sweet made a podium finish in third while Gerry and Griffith rounded out the top five.

            Sixth went to Vanasse, followed by DJ Shaw, Helliwell, Darling, Garre