Brandon Martinez, often known as Batman, dueled Joe Marfeo for much of the race over the lead, while Ryan Kuhn mixed it up with both drivers over supremacy in the Legends Division.  In the end, Martinez went to the front on a green-white-checker restart which saw any of the trio open to the win.  However, Martinez powered to the front and held off Kuhn for the trip to victory lane.  Kuhn was second, while Derek Gluchacki leapt into third, followed by Austin Teras and Marfeo.

At the outset, Andrew Carpenter grabbed the lead from the pole as Marfeo fell back.  Chris Robbins followed, while Jesse “The Mop” Jakubajtys fell back.  But cars began spinning in turn three and a massive scattering occurred.  Adam Avedisian got into the wall and was taken off on the hook.

On the restart, Carpenter nosed ahead as Robbins fell back and Marfeo took over second.  A lap later, Martinez had usurped Marfeo’s second and one more circuit put him into the lead.  Marfeo eased Carpenter back to third.

Marfeo went after the lead and after dueling with Martinez, succeeded.  Kuhn, running third, latched onto Batman’s bumper.  Marfeo pulled away as they dueled.  He continued to add distance until Trent Goodrow spun to bring caution on lap 17.

Martinez was on the front row with Marfeo for the restart, with Kuhn and Austin Teras in row two.  John O’Sullivan and Carpenter were row three.  Kuhn nosed out on Marfeo, but Mike Marfeo spun in turn four and the restart was on again.  This time Joe Marfeo was loose coming out of the starting box but remained alongside Martinez.  Kuhn ran to Marfeo’s bumper and looked under but Marfeo slammed the door.  But Marfeo was loose again, the next time through turn four and both Kuhn and Marfeo went underneath and shuttled him back to third.

A multi-car spin in turn on involved seven vehicles and brought out a red flag as Brendon Hammann took a hard hit into the wall, bringing out the ambulance.

This brought a green-white-checker restart with Martinez on the pole and Kuhn on his shoulder.  Marfeo and Gluchacki were row two, followed by Teras and O’Sullivan.

Martinez vaulted to the front.  Kuhn fell back then pressed forward as the field wound through the final two laps.  Gluchacki got past Marfeo for third as well as Teras while Mike held onto fifth.

Rounding out the top ten were:  O’Sullivan, Jakibajtys, Shileigh Martinez, Joshua Parsons and Conner Holderbach.