Tommy Barrett’s overarching performance in the Modified Touring Series 125-lapper went beyond what is usually expected: experts in conversation during the feature agreed that Barrett was driving beyond his norm in this event. One way or another, he performed above and beyond his two-dozen competitors in grabbing the win. Considering the top five as among those, you find second going to Woody Pitkat, followed by John McKennedy, Rowan Pennink and Eric Goodale. Not to mention that he stole the lead from local expert Todd Annarummo, who has a fistfull of wins at Seekonk, his home track.

Annarummo nosed into the lead away from Barrett on the outside pole, who ended up third after Keith Rocco got in underneath at the green. Mike Holdridge ventured into the infield on lap 2, and Barrett got the outside pole back because Rocco passed on the lap leading to the caution. Annarummo went to the front again and Barrett stayed outside to battle. Rocco was under McKennedy, debating third and succeeded into the spot.

By lap five, the field was stretched out at the front. Barrett crossed under Anarummo into the lead on lap seven and Rocco went to second.

By lap 10, Barret still led Rocco with Annarummo third, followed by Goodale. Barrett was setting a demanding pace and fifteen cars up on the field by lap 12. Annarummo had fallen to sixth. but was trying to pick his way past Pitkat and succeeded on lap 15. Rocco began to narrow the lead a bit, down to 12 cars with another six cars back to Annarummo, who had made his way past Goodale. Annarummo was able to get back into second on on lap 31. The lead wavered between 15 and 12 cars until Barrett encountered Holdridge as a lapped car on the thirty-third circuit. With Holdrige now between him and Annarummo visual contact was broken but Todd journeyed on.

Barrett dived into a crowd of lapped cars on lap 38. He was temporarily stuck behind John Kay on lap 40, but the latter moved up to let him pass. By lap 46, Barrett was coming up to lap Holdridge for the second time. He was working off a straightaway lead on the rest of the field. Annarummo was running second, a straight ahead of McKennedy, who had Rowan Pennink on his bumper.

Lap 56 saw Richard Savary spin off turn for onto the front straight and Barret lost his joyride over Annarummo. The duo lined up for the restart with Pennink and Goodale behind them. A host of competitors pitted for new rubber with still more than half the race to run.

Once again, Barrett was away in a flash. Pennink got under Annarummo but Todd pushed back into . Goodale started around Pennink but was unable to complete the pass. Kirk Alexander came up behind him, followed by Dylan Kopec and by lap 60 the field was again single file.

At the midway point, Barrett was up on Annarummo by two lengths with Pennink and Goodale in pursuit. Behind them, Alexander was coming around Kopec. But Kopec accelerated back into fifth.

Lap 68 saw Pennink look under Annarummo and charge into second. There was a moment’s bumper tag as Goodale punted Todd into Pennink, who spun.

On the restart, Barrett was loathe to return the lead to Annarummo and quickly nabbed the lead down the front stretch. Annarummo dropped in, slamming the door on Goodale.

Again, by lap 72, they were single file. On the following lap, TJ Bleu dirt-tracked across the infield on turn four. He retired to the pits.

The restart had the same cast of characters and Barrett again escaped Annarummo quickly. Goodale got under Annarummo and into second and Kopec then came in underneath.

By lap 80, power was moving up the string and Pitkat was going under McKennedy for fifth. Annarummo tried to drop under Kopec but did not succeed .

Savary bounced off the back wall and began trailing sparks. He retreated to the pits and Annarummo followed him for adjustments. Now Barrett faced off with Goodale for the restart. Pitkat succeeded Kopec to third and began to trouble Goodale.

Brandon Dion spun to the infield on the backstretch, bringing out caution on lap 89 and retired. On the restart, Barrett was unassailable and pulled away from Goodale and Kopec swung in under him. Goodale held him off, but he fell back and tried again, this time pushing Kopec back to third. By lap 96, Pennink had worked his way back to eighth.
Lap 100 saw Barrett with a ten car lead over Goodale, Pitkat, McKennedy and Les Hinckley. Carl Medeiros, Jr. brrushed the front stretch wall sending up a shower of sparks, recovered then spun onto the infield in turn two, through the grass and back onto the track, finally heading for the pits.
On the restart, Barrett went back to his lead.

By lap 110, Barret had a full straightaway on his competition. Goodale followed with Pitkat door to door with McKennedy. Pitkat succeeded to third then went after Goodale and edged him out of second.

With six lapsto go, McKennedy began to work around Goodale for third and they went wheel-to-wheel. He won the position on lap 120 and Pennink shuttled Goodale back one more to fifth. Barrett went on nearly a half-lap ahead while the pursuers battled it out to the line.

Completing the top ten were: Les Hinckley, sixth, then Kirk Alexander, Annarummo, Rocco and Kopec.