It was a no-holds-barred Sportsman event, finally won by Steve Axon, who took his first feature win in two years. Axon pried leader Gil Bradstreet off the front on lap seven and went on to complete the 25-lapper in the clear air as the division ran from green to checkers without pause. Paul Lallier came up to second on lap fifteen and ran the course in second. Dick Benoit and Scott Serydynski swapped positions on the last lap to put Serydynski into third, while Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning – completed the top five.


The entire 25 laps had taken just 6 minutes and 33 seconds.

Bruneau had already clinched the championship on the previous week and only needed to make the start to collect the trophy. At the same time, his national standings were superlative as he came home third in the NASCAR Whelen All-American standings for Sportsmen.

Bradstreet and Smokin’ Joe Kohler in a brand-new ride led off on the green and ran door-to-door with Axon going to third. Bradstreet grabbed the lead on the front stretch and Axon got under Kohler for another challenge. He nosed into second while Benoit came up to Kohler in fourth. Serydynski ran fifth. Lallier nosed under Tom-the-Bomb Adams, who fired up and pulled ahead.

Lap five saw Axon on Bradstreet’s bumper. A lap later, Serydynski was at Benoit’s outside with Lallier watching closely from behind. Axon then got under Bradstreet in turn one and taking the lead in turn three. Fanning ran under Benoit into fourth.

By lap 11, Axon was relaxing in a five-car lead, then six cars a lap later. Lallier was looking at Bradstreet for second and took the position on lap fifteen. Benoit then looked under Bradstreet, who slammed the door.

The field swirled into lap 20 with Benoit surveying Bradstreet and on lap 21 went under to steal the position. Serydynski swept past as well.

The finishing order was established and they ran through the final two laps to the checkers. Axon had the win and Bruneau picked up his second consecutive crown and third overall with a sixth place on the evening.

Seventh went to Bradstreet, followed by Adams, Ryan Flood, Sparky Arsenault and last week’s winner, Jesse Melberg.