Amy Arsenault forged her way up from fifth into the lead on lap six – a lead she would not relinquish for the rest of the 30 laps of the second round of Phil’s Propane Triple Crown qualifying.  The rest of the feature was dedicated to staying away from Randy Laplante, who ran second until lap 28, when The Lenfender, Lenny Sousa, rolled by underneath to steal the runnerup spot.  Unfortunately for Laplante, DJ Pires and Doug Benoit also navigated past to snag third and fourth.  (It was Benoit’s first finish outside the top two this season.)  Laplante held on for fifth place.

Daryl Perry and Danny Massa, Jr. started at the front and Perry grabbed the lead as first Laplante then Arsenault coasted under The Outlaw.  Massa held onto fourth, but Mike Henriques was doing everything he could to deprive him of the spot.

Three laps in, Arsenault was in pursuit of Perry, running two cars back.  Laplante was at her bumper while Hendricks was under Massa behind them.  Massa broke ahead into fourth going down the backstretch.  Hendricks settled in with Greg Perry, Jr. following and Souza working under Dave Desrosiers.

Amy charged up to Daryl’s bumper, got under on the backstretch and had the lead in turn three.  Massa had moved up outside Laplante for third but Laplante surged ahead to escape.  Henriques then took fourth with Desrosiers following into fifth.  Missy Charette then spun on the backstretch.

Arsenault and Perry lined again with Laplante and Massa behind them.  Henriques and Desrosiers were side in row three.  Arsenault leapt into the lead as Laplante got under Perry and into second.  Henriques followed under into third and Greg Perry grabbed fourth.  Amy went out to a three car lead while Henriques was all over Laplante’s bumper.  Greg Perry followed with Pires now working underneath Massa.

Just past the midpoint, Arsenault was up by three cars.  Greg Perry had Pires on his bumper, looking to take fourth, and Pires had the Lenfender at his back.  Benoit was under Massa looking for position.

Ten to go, and Pires got under Perry to take over fourth coming through turn four.  Arsenault went into the next lap ahead by eight cars, while Henriques was making Laplante’s hold on second very unsure.

Arsenault cruised out to a half straight while behind her, Laplante, Henriques, Sousa, Pires and Benoit were running nose-to-tail.  They ran this way for two laps until Henriques came loose and Sousa got under with Pires on his bumper.  Arsenault now led by a full stretch with four to go.

Sousa put on the pressure in lap three and got underneath in lap two, grabbing second from Laplante.  Pires and Benoit followed underneath.  The white silk came out and the field made a parade lap to the checkers.

Sixth on the evening went to Henriques, followed by Greg Perry, Desrosiers, Massa, Ava Chouinard, Tommy Blackwell, Max Bergstrom and Marissa Morgan.