PJ Stergios dropped four spots from fourteenth to eighteenth on the start of the 29-lap feature, but after a lap 2 caution, brought out when Ryan Bigelow and Joe Mooch got locked together in turn four, Stergios began a rapid climb toward the top. By lap eleven, he was in sixth, and moving past Jake Smith, DJ Moniz and Paul Bigalow into third, over the following 3 laps.

He was past Dan Cugini and then Chris Lamb for the lead and the win, a convincing two seconds at the checkers. Lamb garnered second with Smith, Adam Pierson and Ryan Krachun following.

Paul Bigalow jumped out to the lead after the lap two caution. Kevin Park was passed for second by DJ Moniz, followed by Randy Cabral, Park and Krachun. Moniz pursued as Bigalow ran out to a six-car lead on lap six. But Cabral lost power on the backstretch and retired. Lamb slid into third with Jake Smith going to fourth. But Cugini eased Smith back on lap ten.

On the ensuing lap, RJ Trafano and Jessica Bean spun together on the backstretch. On the restart, Bigalow had Lamb all over his bumper but Scott Bigalow was around in turn two, bringing a re- restart on lap eleven.

This time Lamb got underneath Paul for a wheel-to-wheel and then into the lead out of turn four. Bigalow was followed by Smith, Moniz and Cugini. Stergios was behind them and passed Moniz as Cugini wnet to third. By lap 13, Lamb was five cars up on Bigalow.

Stergios was past Bigalow for third on lap 15, and was challenging for second on lap 18. He was able to get under Cugini for second on lap nineteen. Lamb and Stergios were into lapped traffic on the twenty-second cirucuit and Stergios used some lapped traffic to get by into the lead as Lamb slowed.

Christian Briggs and Ryan Preece tangled, brining Briggs to a stop in turn three. On the restart, Stergios took the front as Bigalow made a sudden surge to the front, but lost power and fell back. By lap 25, the top five finishers had been established, and the field paraded to the finish in rapid pursuit.

Matt Swanson followed Krachun to the line in sixth, followed by Paul Bigalow, Richie Morrocco, Andy Barrows and DJ. Moniz.


Author: speedwayweb

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