2nd annual Michael Marfeo Jr Memorial Race brought to you by LifeLine Ambulance

2nd annual Michael Marfeo Jr Memorial Race brought to you by LifeLine Ambulance

Join us for the Michael Marfeo Jr Memorial Race this saturday Night. Remember to cherish each day you have with your loved ones. A special thanks to LifeLine Ambulance for making this a reality. The race will be an Extra Distance late Model race at Seekonk Speedway July 12th, 2014.mikey_memory
Mikey was a two year old boy who loved cars, daddy’s tools, rode his tractor around the house, when he heard Arthur on the T.V. he would sit and giggle, always wanted to be with his big sister Peanut, and when we could not find our keys we could count on Mikey playing with them.

Mikey was diagnosed with brain cancer December 1997. We met so many Wonderful people who helped in so many ways. Family support was always there, Papa, Susan, Gerri, Carol and Tammy would take turns cooking a meal, ice cream night with Aunt Peg, friends stopped by to help in anyway. People we never knew took the time to show they cared and lend a helping hand, and Nana always brings coffee and chit chatter she is…., and a faithful 7:45 am call from Grandma. Poppy would be patient when Daddy would come in late and leave early. Love never seemed to go away.

Mikey lost his battle with cancer April 1998. Proceeds from Mickey’s Fund go toward the Tomorrow Fund, Roger Williams Medical Center, Meeting Street School, Ronald McDonald House, and many more organizations to help with the race against cancer.

We thank everyone for supporting the Michael Marfeo Jr. Fund. It takes people like you to make a miracle happen for someone else.

Love and Prayers to everyone.
Michael Sr., Jessica (Peanut), Joseph & Mary

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