Sim’s Saturday Night Recap 6.28.14

Ryan Vanasse and Dave Darling spent 30 of the 40 laps in their feature contesting with each other, Darling taking over from Tom Scully, Sr. after Scully was battered in a lap ten crash. Darling had the pole on the restart and Vanasse was at his shoulder. Darling got away clean and Vanasse settled in to snipe at the leader constantly. He grabbed the lead at the midpoint of the race with an underneath move. Darling’s attempt to cross under was rebuffed by Vanasse, who set out to put some distance between them.
He was able to put a few cars, but Darling pursued doggedly and as they crossed the stripe, Vanassed had a .520-second lead. Unfortunately, Vanasse’s win fell to post-race inspection and his win was disqualified, elevating Darling to the win.
Fred Astle, Jr, who won last week, was second, followed by Angelo Belsito, Kevin Folan and Kyle Casper.
Folan and the senior Scully shared the front row and Scully leapt off the pole to the front after a brief duel to turn two. Craig Weinstein got under Folan and Darling moved below Dick Houlihan for some door-to-door running. A lap later, Weinstein was alone in second, Darling was working under Folan and now Houlihan was contending with Vanasse. Vanasse moved under Folan as Darling grabbed third alone. Ryan Lineham followed Vanasse, getting beneath Folan as the former moved to fourth.
By lap 6, Weinstein was trying to push in under Scully. Vanasse went past Darling on lap 9, then Darling went outside, took it back and began to go around Weinstein. Weinstein, however, was into Scully’s rear quarter and he went sideways in front of Weinstein. A mad scramble ensued as Tom Scully, Jr. and Kevin Casper were collected and Lineham became involved, ending up spinning on the front stretch. Rick Martin, Daryl Stampfl, both Scullys all went to the pits and returned. Lineham had to be double-hooked from the track by the wreckers. He and Weinstein were gone for the evening at this point. Mike Brightman had been collected, restarting at the rear. He lasted just four more laps before his damage sidelined the car for the night.
Away from the restart, Vanasse dueled Darling, continuously looking underneath for opportunities. As they traded positions, back in the pack, Bob Pelland III was having a tough ride on the outside, as Kevin Casper and Scully, Jr. went by underneath.
Fred Astle had been moving up steadily, getting by Kyle Casper and then Belsito. On lap 28, he moved Folan out of third, but found himself looking down the length of the straightaway to Darling with just ten laps remaining. Belsito went low to move folan back to fifth.
Darling was unable to close on the flying Vanasse, three cars ahead, and Astle wasn’t making up much of the straightaway on Darling. Belsito, however, was closing on Astle. With two laps remaining, he was just two lengths back. But as the leaders crossed the line, he was still in pursuit.
Completing the top ten were Kenny Spencer, Kevin Caper, Houlihan, Tom Scully, Jr. and Smokin’ Joe Kohler.

Laps 23, 24 and 25 were highlights of the Sims Metals Street Stocks as Austin Blais challenged race leader Chris – The Outlaw – Demoura for the lead he’d been holding since lap two. Blais had been holding second since lap nineteen and decided to go for the whole nine yards. He dropped under, got alongside, and they swapped the lead, going hubcap-to-hubcap. Crossing under the white flag, Blais had a slim lead, but The Outlaw had one bullet left in his gun and fired up going into turn three as the checkers began to flutter from the flagstand. He powered out of turn four with a half-carlength on the rocking rookie and managed to keep most of that enroute to the win. The difference at the line was just .056 seconds and the top three, including Ray Lovelace and Cory Fanning were all within .894 of Demoura’s winning time. Ed Gannon was just 1.044 off the pace for fifth. Fanning, unfortunately, was disqualified by mechcanical infractions discovered during tech. The DQ elevates those behind him one position and fifth place now goes to Bruneau.
A four-car wreck between turn four and the finish line took four cars out of mid-pack and wound them up at the rear, including Tyler Lallier, Ray Negley, Vinny Pangelinan and Tony Oliviera.
It was a wild feature, overall, with six cautions by lap 16
Front Row starters Tom Adams and Tyler Lallier were door to door when Demoura jumped under Adams, setting Lallier on the ouside of a three-wide to take over the lead on lap 2. Adams slid up and Cory Fanning went through the gap into second. As Adams, still slowing, settled in, Negley ran into his back and Adams spin in turn three.
The Outlaw and Fanning went side-by-side on the restart for a lap until Demoura escaped at the stripe. But Scott Bruneau got caught in the accordion effect of Tyler Lallier’s waver in the middle and went around.
The lap four restart saw Demoura and Fanning door-to-door as Steve potter made a daring move under Negley for a three-wide which included Bobby Bettencourt.. Adams and Joe Mel berg got together out of turn two, nearly hitting the backstretch wall. Mel berg needed a push start to the pits, but was able to return.
Demoura and Potter lined up and again The Outlaw got the jump but Potter heated it to fly back alongside. Negley and both Lalliers followed with Lovelace and Fanning in pursuit. Potter looked to drop in and caught Negley’s nose as he banged into Demoura’s rear and went around. Negley was called for the contact and joined him at the rear.
This time, Demoura and Paul Lallier faced off. It took two tries, as Potter spun at the back in the first attempt. Second try had the leaders neck-and-neck until Lallier dropped in after falling back. Tyler came up to Demoura’s back with a piledriver bump. Fanning got under Paul and Gannon dropped down to get past Lovelace. Adams spun out, but recovered and the race continued. Demoura had an eight-car lead when Paul Lallier spun on the backstretch.
Demoura had Tyler Lallier outside for the lap 16 restart. As Demoura escaped, Fanning got in under Tyler, who went back suddenly, taking Gannon back along the outside. Fanning moved up to Demoura’s bumper by lap 18. Blais was going around Lovelace into third. He then moved Fanning back to take over second and continue outside Demoura. Fanning went to Demoura’s bumper and Lovelace started looking underneath him from fourth.
With five to go, the four in battle were joined by Bruneau and Gannon for a tight, six-car group in a street brawl headed for the finish. Demoura pulled a half-car ahead and Lovelace powered in underneath Blais. But Blais powered back up alongside the leader and they flashed under the white flag dead even with the electronics calling Blais the leader.
But Demoura found the power in the last turns to turn the tide for a win.
Bettencourt, Paul Lallier, Craig Pianka, Joe Melberg and Dane Saritelli completed the top ten.

Dylan Estrella led all but the initial pair of laps enroute to a dominating third win on the season in Late models. Estrella quickly established multi-car leads after each of several cautions in the thirty-lap feature. Bobby Pelland III moved decisively through the field to fourth on lap 4, then moved to third behind Nick Lascuola, who had been chasing Estrella most of the feature. Pelland captured second with two to go to keep his lead in the points battle. Gerry DeGasparre settled into third for the second half of the race and Vinny Arrenegado stole fourth from Charlie Rose on the final circuit. Rose claimed fifth on the evening.
Dave Hutchins led off with Arrenegado on his outside. Hutch got loose and Vinny grabbed the front out of turn four. Rose went around Hutchins before Ron Barboza spun in front of Bill Bernard and the field lined up for a lap one restart.
This time Arrenegado bet Hutchins to the lead and they went door-to-door before Arrenegado spun in front of the pack in turn one. Eddie LeClerc headed for the pits with body damage, Barboza had heavy body damage to his front. Bill Bernard and Greg Cotter sat facing each other in turn two a car length apart. Arrenegado sported rear end damage and Branden Dion’s passenger side was deeply caved in. Bernard retired on the hook and Cotter was gone for the evening as well. Barboza returned with his nose removed, looking like a modified and LeClerc came back as well.
Dion was good for just one additional lap before retiring, himself.
Charlie Rose had the restart pole for lap two with Estrella to his outside. Lascuola and DeGasparre were the second row and Pelland shared the third with Leo Oliveira. Estrella took the lead
between the starting box and the stripe and was in complete control coming out of turn four. Lascuola wnet under Rose and Pelland got under DeGasparre. Jeramee Lillie followed. Estrella had an eight car lead by lap 6.
But Dion spun in turn three, bringing the yellow again. He was given a 3-lap penalty for an intentional caution and retired to the pits.
Estrella and Lascuola faced off and again Estrella went to the front late in the lap. Lascuola hung onto his rear quarter until lap 8, then settled in for the chase. Rose went under Lascuola and DeGasparre looked under Pelland but Robert O’Connell spun in turn four and tried to continue, but was draining fluid and black flagged.
Estrella and Lascuola lined up again with Rose and Pelland waiting behind them. Again, Estrella took the lead out of turn four. Rose was third and Pelland was trying to get around DeGasparre. Rose began to fall back, holding DeGasparre and Pelland went to third. But Gerry pushed in under Rose and took over fourth place.
By lap 17, Estrella had an eight-car lead and the field was stetchingout. Mike Marfeo got under Rose and they dueled for position over the next seven laps. Marfeo finally won out, taking fifth on lap 21.
Estrella had a ten-car lead by lap 24. Pelland was a half-lap back with DeGasparre on his bumper. With five to go, Hutchins spun out of turn two. Arrenegado was sent to the rear for his infringement on Hutch. And Estrella went back to the front down the backstretch. On the next lap, Pelland wasted no time in getting under Lascuola before Marfeo spun on the front stretch.
The lap 27 restart had Estella and Lascuola again facing off; again Estrella grabbed the front as Pelland went below Lascuola for second.
Estrella had his third won on the season and a slim two points to division leader Pelland. Sixth went to Rose, followed by Barboza, Marfeo, Oliveira and Hutchins.
Rob Murphy made it two in a row with a dominant display in trucks racing as he added to the year’s victory skein and padded his lead in the division. He claimed the lead at the midpoint of the 30- lap feature for the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series. But the ubiquitous Mike Cavallaro jumped in behind two laps later and the duo ground it out to the finish line.
Chris Lima dueled third-place Joey Wakefield on a late restart to grab third and Chase Belcher came from a dead-last start to fifth.
Wakefield grabbed the lead from the pole as lenny guy settled in for the chase. Mike Duarte took third from Darryl Dutch and Nick Uhrig grabbed fourth anead of Cavallaro and John Paiva. Murphy was running behind him.
By lap four, the field was strung out in a straight line. But Chase Belcher came up behind Billy Clarke and Billy spun out of turn one. On the restart, Wakefield regained the front over Guy and Uhrig passed Wakefield for third. Paiva was coming on and he got together with Mike Duarte. Duarte looped it but recovered and kept going. Paiva moved into fourth behind Uhrig.
Wakefield continued to lead with Guy in pursuit when Uhrig spun to the infield. Paiva was issued a black flag for contact as Uhrig recovered and the race continued without caution. By lap 15, Uhrig was just ahead of the lead trucks and struggling to keep himself unlapped. But Murphy and Cavallaro had worked their way to second and third behind Wakefield and Murphy went under into the lead on lap 17. He began to close on Uhrig, who poured on the horses. But coming out of turn four on lap 19, Uhrig erupted in smoke as Murphy moved to get underneath. A trail of oil on the second groove followed Uhrig’s path down the frontstretch.
Wakefield was outside Murphy for thelap 19 restart. CAvallaro and Guy backed them up with Anna Gregoire and Chase Belcher at their backs. Murph took the lead as Cavallaro navigated under Wakefield. Lima was under Guy and went to fourth behind Wakefield.
The field strung out and Duarte got under Dutch, looking for position. They dueled through lap 26, when Duarte got ahead.
Lap 31 saw the parade laps come to an end as Dutch and Marx Biello got together and spun on the backstretch. Biello retired to the pits.
Murphy and Cavallaro stormed out of the box and Murphy took the front. Cavallaro dropped in front of Wakefield, who was working under Lima. Belcher followed Anna Gregoire had the inside on Guy and took over sixth.
The field ran through the checkers with Gregoire taking sixth, followed by Guy. Dutch deprived Duarte of eighth on the final circuit, and Duarte was the final car running for ninth. Biello (in the pits, 4 laps down) claimed tenth.

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