Friday Night Recap 6.27.14

Friday Night Recap 6.27.14

Derek Debbis stayed with his winning ways in the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown race for SYRA 600 cars with a strong climb through the pack to pass leader Cassie Meservey at the two-thirds point of the race. He then held off an insistent Anthony Marvin following a lap 17 restart, receiving a little assistance from Scott Serydynski, Jr. Serydynski came up to challenge alongside Marvin over the final three laps but had to settle for third. Michael Toner and Eric LeBrun completed the top five.
As Meservey outran Tim Ouellette at the outset for the lead, Debbis took a big leap from eighth to fifth, passing Eric and Luke LeBrun plus Toner. Meservey moved away as Oullette settled in. Debbis passed Serydynski on lap two and set out after Marvin, getting underneath on lap four then going into third on Marvin’s rear bumper. Serydynski settled into fifth with Marvin in fourth. They pursued through the middle part of the race with Toner backing them up.
Debbis hunted down Oullette for seven laps, catching him just after the midpoint of the feature. On lap nine, he looked underneath, only to find the door slammed in his face. He looked to the outside and began coming on. He had his nose by on lap eleven and Oullette got loose in the following circuit and Debbis vaulted into second behind Meservey. He immediately went after Meservey and she replied with a staunch defense.
Debbis went to the outside and they dueled for the lead. By lap 16, he had the lead on the outside and dropped in, clipping Meservey’s nose. Meservey wavered but kept it straight, but Debbis had the lead going into lap 17.
But in lap 18, Toner spun after playing bumper tag with Luke LeBrun and the accordion effect collected Nichols, Serydynski, and Marvin. Nichols retired to the pits and Debbis found Meservey on his shoulder for the restart with Ouellette and Marvin behind them. It took four attempts to make the restart happen and finally, Debbis was away at the front once again. On the third attempt, Meservey was into Oullette, who got mired in the infield grass. She was assessed an assist and joined him at the rear of the pack.
Debbis pulled away and Serydynsky went to second around Marvin. Marvin heated it up and came back to challenge for position as Nichols retired to the pits. Debbis pulled away as Serydynski and Marvin worried each other over second, to win the feature.
Ouellette, Meservey, Luke Lebrun, Lillie and Nichols completed the top ten.

Devin Miranda was at his winning ways again, overtaking Garrett Kuhn then heading off to victory eight laps later. Kuhn held on for second despite a frantic dash at the front by Tyler Boludreau. David Westgate and Gil Bradstreet completed the top five.
Miranda’s win was made more difficult by a lap four collision that ended Bob Henry’s night prematurely. Henry had climbed from fourth to third in the early going, but found himself going around on the front stretch,c oming to the stripe where there was heavy contact with Henry Lavallee, Miranda and then the frontstretch wall. Henry was off on the hook and there was consideralble damage to Miranda’s front end body metal.
Miranda restarted fifth, behind Kuhn and Michael Glad, and Lavalley inside (01). Kuhn and Glad were away, door-to-door with Lavallee following. Lavallee vaulted into second, as Miranda took advantage of (01) for fourth. Boudreau got by Westgate and Ray Herman, Jr. for sixth.
But by lap 8, Miranda had moved up and was into second. Kuhn had an eight car lead but Miranda pressed hard as Boudreau worked around Glad and Lavalllee, who were falling back.
By lap 11, Miranda had caught up and went outside for the pass. A lap later, Miranda settled into the lead on turn three. Boudreau grabbed third and closed on Kuhn. Lap fourteen saw him drop down and look under for the lead. Two laps later, he had a twenty-car lead on Kuhn, who had Boudreau in pursuit. Wstgate and Gil Bradstreet were vying behind them.
Miranda crossed under the checkers with a comfortable 3.3-second lead.
Rounding out the top ten were: Lavallee (01), Glad, David Gargara and (10CT)

Nick Lascuola remained perfect on the season, as another win kept up his undefeated skein on the Legends division. Within two laps, he had rushed from sixth to the front, and the crowd turned its attention to who would battle in for second. That honor went to TJ Thompson, who leapt in from eighth, arriving on the third circuit and controlled that runnerup slot through the checkers. Jesse Melberg, having one of the best nights of his rookie season, rolled in third, three tenths off Thompson’s pace as Chris Robbins leaned in for a fourth. John O’Sullivan took fifth.
After a difficult start, with two cautions before lap one was completed, Lascuola sprung past Matt Carpenter into the lead and was gone. Thompson was by Carpenter on the following lap and Melberg went to third. Brandon “Batman” Martinez pulled in behind and Robbins roared up into fifth with Boudreau following.
Melberg and Robbins began to contest third as Lascuola began to lose himself in lapped traffic ahead of Thompson. Robbins got into third and, with Melberg giving chase, went after Thompson. Batman was closing on him from behind. But Martinez was off into the infield on lap 14 after Travis snow spun in turn four.
Lascuola was quickly away from Thompson on the restart. Melburg was momentarily loose, but recovered and held position. On the ensuing lap, Robbins went under O’Sullivan into fourth.
Lap 20 saw Robbins at Melberg’s back door and as he was loose out of turn four, Robbins ducked under. The rushed through lapped traffic and with a single lap remaining, Melberg had closed to Thompson’s bumper. It was a tight final lap but Thompson succeeded in holding him off.
Carpenter crossed sixth, followed by Andrew Carpenter, Brandon Packard, Martinez, O’Leary and Nick Wisialko.

Shelby Donovan came from the very back of the field to the win in SYRA 750 action. The racing included a lengthy duel with Taylor Bowser at mid-race, then nip her in a three-way duel for the lead at race’s end. Joey Lembo ran aggressively throughout the feature to garner a second, just .3 seconds off the winning pace. Brandon Lillie, Matthew Barboza and Taylor Bowser completed the top five, with the entire quinted finishing within the same second on the timers.
Kendra Levesque and TJ Morshead, Jr. led off and were door-to-door, when the back of the nine-car field came into a four-wide situation going into turn three. Matthew Barboza spun and collected Bowser, who was on the outside of the 4-car group. It lifted her onto two wheels, nearly flipping her car and sending her spinning down the front stretch. Bowser was able to continue; Barboza pitted and returned.
The lap one restart saw Levesque settle into the lead on turn three as Bowser again went three-wide from the rear on the backstretch. Morsehead reclaimed the lead from Levesque as Bowser came loose and slid up the track. Levesque then spun out of turn four. Shea Kulp spun up to the wall but did not make contact as caution flew.
Morsehead and Bowser shared the front row for the lap 3 restart, and they went door-to-door down the frontstretch with Lembo nabbing third. Lembo sent Bowser back to third after Morsehead took the front into lap four, then settled on the leader’s bumper. Bowser and Donovan closed up tight with Barboza and Lillie following.
Into lap eleven, the field closed up and the four lead cars were nose-to-tail.. Lembo got loose, allowing Bowser to pass and into lap 12, Morsehead led, followed by Bowser, Lembo and Donovan. Boser began to trouble Morsehead for the lead and Donovan then got underneath Lembo into third on lap 13.
Barboza then pulled a drop under move to steal fourth from Lembo. Lillie moved in behind, sending Barboza back another spot. Bowser and Morsehead continued to battle at the front. Taylor had the edge, but TJ stayed tight alongside into lap 15, when Levexque spun in turn two.
Again Bowser and Morsehead were wheel-to-wheel away from the box. In lap 17, Morsehead loosened and went up the track. But Donovan had been waiting, and leapt underneath Bowser and into the lead going into lap 18. Lembo and Lillie also followed under as Morsehead lost speed. The field brawled through the final two laps to the checkers as Donovan came home to Victory Lane.
Completing the field were Shea Kulpa in sixth, then David White, Levesque and Morsehead.

David Desrosiers was the beneficiary of a technical disqualification after battling to the finish with Daniel Johnson. Though Desrosiers finished a half-second off the pace, Johnson’s win was reclaimed in tech and re-awarded to the runnerup.
Daniel Massa, Jr. gained second, followed by Nicholas Johnson, Mark Murphy and Mike Henriques, completing the top five.
Desrosiers took the lead from Scott Cestodio after a second attempt to start the race, made necessary by Ed Flanagan’s lap one spin. Bill Chouinard moved quickly from fourth to second, passing Melissa Charette and Cestodio.
Chouinard looked underneath the leader and they got side-by-side, trading paint. Chouinard went into the grass on the front stretch, and the accelerator appeared to jam wide open, as he flew across the infield and popped out into turn two amid traffic.. Massa had nowhere to go and hit Chouinard, who then collected Charette and Amy Arsenault before careening down the backstretch with Choinard fighting for control and trying to shut down. Chouinard held it together and amazingly fought it to a stop. The car finally came to a halt in front of the pit exit, bringing a red flag. Chouinard leapt from the car, pulled his hood pins and revealed a fire in the engine compartment. The fire truck dispatched and the flames were extinguished by the fire brigade.
It was a costly caution as Chouinard, Arsenault and Flanagan were forced to depart.
Desrosiers and Cestodio lined up for the lap five restart with Johnson and Charette behind them. They came out wheel-to-wheel before Desrosiers grabbed the front out of turn two and Cestodio dropped in front of Johnson. Henriques and John Robidoux followed.
As Flanagan nursed an eight-car lead, Johnson and then Henriques eased Cestodio back to fourth. John Robidoux got into Mark Murphy and spun, but was able to straighten out and continue. But he began to lose speed and retired to the pits.
But Johnson had caught Desrosiers and went inside on lap 14. They were wheel-to-wheel as Charette got into the grass followed by Randy Moretti. Both were able to keep going.
By lap 16, the leaders wire still sparring side-by-side as they approached a lapped car. Johnson let Desrosiers in and then got underneath once more. By lap 20, the duel continued until Johnson was able to gain the front on lap 21. The field wound through the final four laps with Johnson holding the front to the checkers.
Completing the top ten were: Charette, Andrew Kun, Keri-Lyn Manfredo, Moretti and Robidoux.