6.20 Fast Friday Recap

6-20-14 Fast Fridays

The irrepressible Nick Lascuola continued his winning ways in Legends with a run to the checkers making him undefeated on the early part of the season. This time, however, he had the returning Jordan Lamoth shadowing him the distance, then closing in at the end for a crowd-pleaser of a finish. John O’Sullivan ran a strong race for a third and divisional rookie Jesse Melberg’s fourth place proved he is mastering his new ride after stepping over from Pure Stocks last season. Matthew Carpenter ran near the front all night, bringing home a big fifth.
The top-ten finishers were established by the halfway point in the 30-lap extended feature which was both a regional qualifier for the Legends national race, slated for Las Vegas and the first stop on the Phil’s Propane triple crown for the division.
Lascuola started twelfth and made great leaps toward the front: going to seventh on the first circuit and to third on the second. He trailed leaders Chris Robbins and Lamoth until a lap six restart, when he zoomed to the outside and to the front. Robbins had suffered mechanic al failure which spun him to bring the caution, and his car had to be wreckered to the pits.
By lap eight, Lascuola, Lamoth and O’Sullivan were nose-to-tail and rocketing away from the field. The chase pack was led by Melberg, Andrew and Matthew Carpenter and Colin Healy. Healy had come from the back after losing his right rear fender, backing into the backstretch wall following a turn two spin. He would go on for a sixth place finish.
Lap twelve saw wild fireworks as Jesse Jakubajtys blew an engine on the backstretch. As he negotiated turns three and four, an oil fire burst out under his hood and the slipstream fanned it into an inferno in front of his windshield. Jesse went hard on the binders and braked it to a stop at the end of the front stretch, rapidly unstrapping and leaping from the vehicle. Red lights came on and the Seekonk Fire Department roared up to put the blaze out before extreme damage could occur.
Lascuola was away on the restart. O’Sullivan got under Lamoth into second but they debated the issue and Lamoth powered up on the outside to settle the issue in his own favor. Lamoth then began to chase Lascuola, who had a three-car lead. By now, the order of finish of the top ten had been decided and the cars strung out, single file. Lascuola began to slowly extend his lead as they navigated into lapped cars.
They began to encounter lapped traffic and Lascuola had a tense moment encountering a slower vehicle, which did not move up out of the way. He had to apply brakes and evasive movement to get past and Lamoth roared up to his bumper. But Lascuola settled in and began to slowly pull away once more.
Six laps remained and the field cycled rapidly through them as leaders passed lapped cars, some for the second time. At the checkers, Lascuola had a ¾-second lead over Lamoth.
Rounding out the top ten were Haley, Andrew Carpenter, Brandon Packard, Al Wisialko and Jessica O’Leary. The pace had been so frantic that the 8th, 9th and 10th place cars finished still running, but on lap down to the leaders.

John Robidoux led green to checkers and outran a pesky Billy Chouinard over the latter stages of the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown for his first win on the season in Pure Stocks. He leapt off the pole and did not relinquish his lead as the Pure Stocks ran unblemished by caution. Randy Moretti gave chase from second for the first half of the affair, before Chouinard was able to get past and pursue Robidoux to the end. Daniel Massa, Jr. was third, followed by Mark Murphy and Moretti.
On the start, Robidox pulled away from Moretti in turn one and Massa moved into third. Amy Arsenault moved up to fifth with Murphy in her draft. Chouinard moved Massa back to fourth and Arsenault jumped in underneath. Murphy held on in sixth with Ed Flanagan, Jr., Nicholas Johnson and Scott Cestodio giving chase.
Robidoux was enjoying a five-car lead by lap seven, while Moretti and Chouinard settled in for the chase. Daniel Johnson got under Cestodio, looking for position, but on the following lap, Arsenault started to lose a tire after some banging in the pack and retired to the pits. She was able to return after a swap, but lost five laps in the process.
Lap ten saw Robidoux with a commanding 15-car lead. Moretti, Chouinard and Massa continued to pursue. By lap 13, Chouinard was harassing Moretti’s rear bumper as Arsenault returned from the pits.
Robidoux began to pass lapped traffic at the midpoint of the race, as Choinard got under Moretti to steal second. Massa and Murphy moved up on Moretti. Robidoux extended his lead to a full straightaway by lap 19. Mike Henriques didn’t move out quickly as Robidoux came up and the leader got loose, nearly spinning. But Robidoux gathered it back in, and two lapped cars between him and Chouinard in second kept the competition at bay. By lap 23, there were three lapped cars between them.
By lap 25, Chouinard could see only air between him and the leader, but Robidoux was a long 15 cars ahead. Chouinard began to close, but Robidoux put another lapped car between them with just three laps remaining.
Chouinard was unable to narrow it down and Robidoux was over the stripe two seconds ahead.
Rounding out the top ten were: Daniel Johnson, Flanagan, Nicholas Johnson, Greg Perry and Cestodio.

Richard Sprague went to the outside, put his foot down and roared up from his eighth-place start. The car dodged around the field as if he had booster rockets as he went from eighth to fifth on the start and began to move around the cars ahead. Lap six saw him on leader Henry Lavallee’s bumper. In a lap 6 restart after Bob Henry’s spin, Sprague had conquered Lavallee by turn three. He went on to claim the trophy by a full second over Raymond Herman, Jr. Tyler Boudreau, Lavallee and David Gargara rounded out the top five.
Lavallee led from the pole, as Sprague climbed past Boudreau, David Gargaro and David Garara on the first lap as cars bounced of each other at midpack. Michael Glad was just ahead, and Sprague eased him back and was on Henry’s bumper. He was around into second at the stripe, going into lap five.
Sprague began to close on Lavallee’s bumper, but Henry got spun out. He had to be pushed to the pits and retired. Also pitting were Lenny Sousa and Mike Lefort.
Lavallee edged out on the green, but Sprague powered up and flew into the lead in turn three. Herman, Boudreau and Michael Glad followed. Spague began to run away from the field, while Boudreau dueled underneath Herman. Herman won the battle and dropped onto Lavallee’s bumper. By lap eleven, Sprague was six cars ahead of the pack.
One lap later, Lavallee, Herman, Boudreau and Devin Miranda were brawling, nose-to-tail. Emily Charett, running hard on the outside, went after Miranda’s spot in fifth. They dueled with Charett rocketing along on the outside for several laps and exchanged the lead twice. On lap 18, they traded paint then spun in turn one. Both went to the pits, but only Miranda was able to return.
Sprague and Lavallee lined up for the restart with Herman and Boudreau behind them on a green-white-checker situation. Herman stuck to Sprague’s bumper and pulled in under Lavallee. As the leaders pulled ahead, Boudreau got by Lavallee into third. Two laps later, they crossed under the checkers. Rounding out the top ten were: David Westgate, Glad, Gargaro, Glen Leduc and Nathan Clark.

Shelby Donovan worked her way from the last starting spot after being collected in a crash on the start of the SYRA 750 feature. She navigated to the front during the first three-quarters of the 20-lapper, took the lead from Brandon Lillie, then held off a charging Taylor Bowser at the stripe. Joey Lembo, Lillie and David White rounded out the top five.
It too two tries to get things started with spins calling the start back. Lillie got away into the lead on the second try with TJ Morshead Jr. grabbing the front. Lillie came back to fight it out, door-to-door. He went ahead out of turn three but Lembo went around across the stripe and Shea Kulpa spun of turn four.
Donovan was working up from last and cleared into fifth by lap four, helped by the pair of cautions. Bowser was beginning to move, also, dueling Morsehead over fourth. She was able to aly claim on lap eight, then held the position through to the latter part of the race.
Meanwhile, Lillie was running at the front with Lembo challenging from second. Donovan began to challenge Lembo from third after moving Morsehead back on lap five. Bowser went to the outside and moved into fourth behind Donovan on lap eight. Donovan then dug in under Lembo for second. Lembo followed and Bowser continued outside, looking around him.
By lap 13, Shelby was on Lillie’s bumper and the four leaders bunched up into a pack of four, door-to-door. Donovan finally had the lead on the backstretch in lap fifteen. Lillie held second and Bowser was still working on Lembo’s outside. But Lillie bobbled and Bowser sailed by on the outside, claiming second.
Donovan held an eight-car advantage on lap eighteen, but Bowser began closing in rapid fashion and was on the leader’s bumper going into the final circuit. Bowser looked to put her nose under Donovan,but Donovan quickly slammed the door shut and continued over the stripe to win by 0.2 of a second.
Completing the finish were Kendra Levesque, Moreshead, Shea Kulpa and Matthew Barboza.

Dereck Debbis came back from splitting the dual features two weeks ago to swarm his way to second, then take the lead from Brittany Nichols with seven laps remaining. He fought off Nichols and held on for a half-second margin at the checkers. Nichols battled all the way home but was forced to settle in the runnerup’s spot. Michael Toner, Scott Serydynski, Jr. and Eric LeBrun completed the top five. LeBrun’s finish came after a 1-spot penalty for rough riding.
It was a feature heavy with cautions, taking three attempts to get the race underway. Tim Ouellette was unable to get a clean start through two attempts from the pole and was sent to the back, placing Cassie Meservey and Anthony Marvin at the front. Meservey went to the front with Marvin following. Lebrun went very wide from the second row, then dropped to fourth behind Debbis.
Caution flew on lap three as LeBrun made contact with Marvin, spinning him. They both went to the rear. Meservey and Debbis battled the front, with Meservey having an edge with Debbis holding on to the outside. They began banging and Nichols was able to take advantage and go to the front. The rough play between Debbis and Meservey finally resulted in Meservey taking a lap ten spin into the infield from the backstretch. Debbis was awarded the back on the assist.
Nichols lined up with Toner and she reclaimed the lead after a brief side-by-side challenge. LeBrun came under fire from Toner and they battled, followed by LeBrun, Serydynski and Meservey. But Marvin again spun on lap 13.
Nichols and Debbis lined up with Nichols eking out a half-car lead. But LeBrun got underneath and Debbis squirted ahead. Nichols settled to second ahead of LeBrun and Toner. By lap 18, Debbis was comfortable with a six-car lead over Nichols, who had LeBrun on her bumper. The field was strung out and they wound the final laps in order.
Completing the top ten were Tim Ouellette, Mesevey, Luke LeBrun, Alexandria Lillie and Marvin.

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