Austin Blais brightened his season again, gathering in his second win and certainly elevating his sixth place points standing as near competitor Scott Bruneau suffered a DNS when his motor quit after the field staged up for the start. Bob Bettencourt lasted just 11 laps before damage from a lap one collision worked to sideline his car.
Blais restarted in sixth after the first lap caution and was fighting it out over second with Paul Lallier by lap 4. Corey Fanning had taken the lead from Tyler Lallier on the restart and Blais put him square in the bullseye. Paul followed Blais and Bettencourt emerged into third after a battle with Craig Pianka. Stephen Potter and Gerard Berthelette were coming on strong and ran past Pianka for postion behind fifth-place Ed Gannon III. Potter and Berthelette traded paint as Blais too full control of second from a stubborn Lallier.
Potter was under Bettencourt for fifth and by lap ten, it was Fanning, Blais, Paul Lallier, Gannon, Bettencourt, Potter and Berthelette. Berthelette rushed up to the high side of Blais, who looked under the leader and had taken over by lap 12. Paul Lallier followed Fanning with Potter in pursuit. Gannon tagged Lallier’s rear bumper, and he slid into Potter. The duo got into a three wide with Bettencourt and there was contact between Lallier and Bettencourt. Tony Oliviera began dragging right side bodywork from the collision and Bettencourt ground to a halt, dragging sparks into trurn two. He had to be lifted from the scene by the wrecker.
Blais went to the front on the lap 14 restart, while Berthelette deprived Fanning of second. Paul Lallier and Potter traded places twice in duel before Potter faded back to fifth; Ray Lovelace and Fanning rushed by . Tyler Lallier and Ray Negley got locked together coming out of turn four and the lap 14 restart was on again.
This time, Blais edged away and Berthelette got under Fanning. Paul Lallier followed. As Blais led Berthelette in lap 16, Lallier and Fanning dueled, door-to-door. Potter pursued with Lovelace and fanning battling behind him. Lovelace escaped as Potter began to go backwards. Into lap 17, Blais was now five up on Berthelette, Paul Lallier, Lovelace, Fanning and Potter. Pianka was eighth, chased by Gannon.
Negley deprived Adams of eighth spot as Potter got back under Fanning to take fifth away.
By lap 21 Blais was ten cars up on Berthelette. Paul Lallier was defending third against Lovelace who was contending with Potter. The laps were unwinding with the field single file and they headed for the finish. Negley and Pianka were trading fusillades as they wound toward a photo finish.
Blais, with a comfortable lead, gathered in the checkers followed by Berthelette, Paul Lallier, Lovelace and Potter. Completing the top ten were Fanning and Gannon with Pianka winning the duel over Negley while Tom Adams completed the set.

Author: speedwayweb

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