2014 Pure Stocks

2014 Pure Stocks

2014 Pure Stocks


Trying to find an entry level class of racing is easy to do, and the Pure Stocks have continued to grow since their inception several years ago. This year will be as competitive as ever with all of the talent that this class is growing.

John Robidoux finally added the championship trophy to his mantle after several years of trying. With only a couple of wins, his consistency got him to the top at the end of the long season. His toughest competition will be back to push him aside.

Earl Curtin III pushed all the way to the end of the season, but some tough link on the final night ended his season without the golden ticket. He is ready and up for the challenge to unseat John this year.

Former champions Bill Chouinard and Scott Cestodio return for action this year. While Scott is only running a part time schedule, they both will be factors weekly for the checkered and could factor in the final standings.

Ed Flanagan Jr rounded out the season with his first win in over 3 years, and is poised to show the family heritage.

Randy Moretti returns back to the Pure Stocks after trying the Sims Street Stocks, and is ready to get back into the action. Greg Perry is another return to action after several years on the sidelines. Watch out for both of these drivers.

Amy Arsenault was working the bugs out of a new car at the end of the season, and broke a seven year winless streak. With the new car ready, the second generation racer will be set to fight with the boys for the title.

Bill Doyle had just taken over the points lead last year before being sidelined for several weeks in the middle of the season, taking him out of the chase. Can he repeat and continue that run he had last year?

This division over the past several years has been as entertaining as the Sims Street Stocks have been. Join us on a Fast Friday and see for yourself.

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