Richard Savary’s experience at the Cement Palace served well as he parlayed a third place start into a big Valenti Modified Series win. Todd Annarummo, also a Seekonk veteran, who has taken a number of VMRS features of late, dueled hotly with Savary before seeing his equipment fade at the race’s midpoint. He was able to hold on for an important fifth place finish. Justin Bonsignore chased Savary for a chance at second, but the winner had too good a lead and was a degree better at navigating alpped traffic. Anthony Nocella and Steve Masse filled the third and fourth slots.

Max Zachem had earned the pole with Annarummo on his shoulder. Jeff Pearl had grabbed the second row with Savary on his shoulder. Cape Cod’s own, and another Seekonk vet Dan Meservey Jr. shared row three with David Schnider. The field broke wheel-to-wheel before Zachem grabbed the front with Annarummo and Savary on his tail. Pearl began to fall back.

Zachem held on for four laps as Annarummo fought a determined battle to grab the lead on lap four. Savary set to work on the Connecticut shoe and after a lap 8 restart, took over second on lap 10. Zachem settled into third and gave solid chase as Savary set to work on taking away Anarummo’s lead. The wily Todd was not about to yield and they wrestled with Savary locked onto his rear from lap 20 on. Bonsignore worked quickly from his ninth place start to fifth by lap eight, trailed David Schneider for nine laps, then edged him back. Bonsignore dueled Zachem until lap 32, then moved up. By now, however, the dogfighting Annarummo and Savary had a straightaway lead.

Anthony Nocella had fallen from seventh to tenth at the outset, but put on a followup surge back to seventh by lap 18.

Lap 34 saw Pearl in difficulty with his right front tire flat and his suspension on the ground in turn two. Track crews lifted him off the track and transported him to the pits. Annarummo and Savary set up side-by-side for the restart. They fought nerfbar to nerfbar until lap 37. Todd had edged ahead and Savary dropped in behind. The duel continued, as Savary began to look for holes underneath to thread his way through.   Bonsignore, a dozen lengths back, led a group consisting of Nocella, Jeff Rocco, Rowan Pennink and Masse.

Savary kept looking and got underneath on lap 45. They were side=by=side down the front until Savary gained the lead for good. Savary continued to press on and a gap developed as Annarummo seemed to be losing some stick on the curves. Bonsignore began to close on the second place car and finally was into second on lap 71.

Savary pressed on with a clear track ahead but Bonsignore seemed to be edging up, but the dozen car lead would be a problem. Lapped traffic lay ahead. Savary got into the crowd on lap 28 and the gap narrowed.   But he moved through cleanly and came out into an opens pot It was cat and mouse thorugh groups of lapped cars from there and Bonsignore continued to close, but it was becoming apparent that Savary had the advantage. When, on lap 91, Bonsignore had problems with a pair of lapped cars, Savary strengthened his lead and carried it home for the win.

Rounding out the top ten were: Rocco, Pennink, Chris Pasteryak, Zachem and points leader Todd Szegedy.

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