2014 Sim’s Street Stock Preview

2014 Sim’s Street Stock Preview

By Kevin Boucher

When you look at the Sims Street Stock roster, you can’t just pick one driver that will be the one to beat. There are so many variables to go into winning in this championship. Timing, patience, aggressiveness, foresight, and good old lady luck. Don’t get me wrong, it does take skill and talent, but without that last part, when competing in one of the most competitive classes anywhere, skill and talent will only get you so far.

Scott Bruneau used all of those last year to win the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Championship and the overall title. Coming off his first title, Scott has a brand new car in the stable and is ready for anything that comes his way.

Rey Lovelace kept Scott honest last year, and almost had the title himself. This year, it will be hard to hold him back. He led the standing with only a couple of weeks left and it slipped away from him. They say you have to lose one to win one. Well……

Captain Fun will be back to have just that, fun. Craig Pianka enjoys himself at the track, and it shows with his performance. Well, mostly anyways. Coming off a 4th place finish, he is ready to find the fun at the front more often.

seekonkpractice41914SF1072012 Sims Street Stock champion Paul Lallier is ready for bear with a new attitude. Paul knows what he needs to do, and how to do it. Can he bring it all together once again this year? He also has a teammate for the first time in several years. His son Tyler has finally been able to finish his car, and showed some of the old man’s talent in practice.

Ed Gannon III ran competitively for many weeks, but missed others due to financial and mechanical woes. If he can keep things together, he has shown he can chase for a championship.

Chris DeMoura has a new sponsor, new colors, and a new thought process. His focus is on finishing races and going for the gold. Chris is one of those drivers that is either on or off when it comes to luck. There seems to be no in between.

The Bullit is back, and ready to add to his Rookie of the Year crown from 2013. The former SYRA champion is one of the first to put the new style Camaro body on his car, and if it goes half as well as it looks, (and by the practices, it does) watch out for Austin Blais.

John Hanafin is another with the new style body, and after running part time last season, watch out for him to be making a chase for the title.

Throw in Gerard Berthelette, another driver with the talent to run up front, Ray Negley, Tony Oliviera, and the Sims Street Stocks will once again keep the fans on the edge of their seats.10153721_10152391413444282_4849108295790107396_n


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