Tom Scully Jr dominates Pro Stock field for DAV win!

Tom Scully Jr picked up his second DAV Fall Classic win on Saturday, holding off a hard charging Derek Ramstrom over the final laps. Kevin Folan and Ken Spencer raced wheel to wheel for the lead, with Spencer edging out Folan at the line on the 3rdĀ lap. As the field headed into turn one, Dave Hutchins spun high in the turn. It looked like it would be a single car incident until Mike Brightman, Dave Darling and Dave Silvia made contact, eliminating all at the time. Silvia returned many laps behind.


Spencer took control and set the pace for the next dozen laps with some pressure from Scully. Spencer held on through a pair of restarts, but couldn’t hold off the Wheelock’s NAPA Auto Group Ford as on the sixteenth circuit, Scully moved past and into the lead. By the quarter-mark, Scully held a several length lead over Spencer, Larry Gelinas, Craig Weinstein and Derek Ramstrom.


The top five ran the same at the half way mark, but just past that, Ramstrom and Weinstein got together with Craig going around. Derek was penalized to the rear.


Gelinas was able to overtake Spencer for second, but fell back to third when Ryan Vanasse moved past into second on the 61stĀ circuit. Gelinas and Ramstrom battled for third until the former Thompson Speedway champion moved by at the 75 lap mark.


Over the final quarter of the race, Ramstrom closed in on Vanasse and moved past with four laps remaining. With one more effort, he took a couple of looks at Scully, but ran out of time as Scully beat Ramstrom to the checkered by .252. Vanasse, Spencer and Dick Houlihan rounded out the top five.


1) Tom Scully Jr 2) Derek Ramstrom 3) Ryan Vanasse 4) Ken Spencer 5) Dick Houlihan 6) Larry Gelinas 7) Fred Astle Jr 8) Craig Weinstein 9) Tommy Ellis 10) Russ Hersey 11) John Dobrowski 12) Kevin Folan 13) Rick Martin 14) Phil Meany 15) Frank Duquette 16) Elmer Wing III 17) Dennis Maxfield 18) Tom Scully Sr19) Dave Silvia 20) Bobby Tripp 21) Bobby Pelland III 22) Dave Hutchins Sr 23) Mike Brightman 24) Dave Darling

Author: speedwayweb

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