Degasparre outlasts field for win

Gerry DeGasparre Jr picked up his second DAV Fall Classic, holding off the charges of Charlie Rose over the final ten laps. Brandon Dion and DeGasparre led the field down to the green with the rookie setting the pace until the first caution came out on lap 21 for a spin.


DeGasparre had enough of following the 15 year old and overpowered him on the restart, taking over just shy of the halfway point. With a handful of cautions over the next 20 laps, the seven time champion held off the charges of Dion, Bill Bernard, Ryan Lineham and Rose. Rose held on for second, with Jeramee Lille, Dion and Vinny Arrenegado fourth and fifth.


1) Gerry DeGasparre Jr 2) Charlie Rose Jr 3) Jeramee Lillie 4) Brandon Dion 5) Vinny Arrenegado 6) Ray Parent 7) Bobby Pelland III 8) Bill Bernard 9) Nick Lascoula 10) Ryan Lineham 11) Ron Barboza 12) Mark Hudson 13) Dennis Stampfl 14) Jon Lowinski-Loh 15) Scott Dion

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