Lenny guy had lead since the green and was making the lap 15 restart on the pole.  Problem was, Radical Rick Martin was on his shoulder and dangerous Mike Cavallaro was on his tailgate.  Scott Dion was on Cavallaro’s shoulder.  Joh Paiva and Rob Murphy (first and second in the standings) were thenext row.  Daunting; intimidating!

Guy shot ahead, but Martin came battling back  Cavallaro looked under Guy; there was contact and Lenny spun, but he kept going after a 360!  Now Martin had Cavallaro at his back, then Dion, Murphy and Paiva.  All he could do was flatten the pedal and keep it straight.  Then Carl Medeiros spun out on the backstretch and the two campaigners were alongside each other for the restart on lap 17.

Martin edged out, Cavallaro got it back.  Martin pushed hard and Cavallaro dropped in behind.  All the tricks in the book came out in the minds of both drivers and they began trying them all.  Martin seemed to be getting away on lap twenty, but Cavallaro started working back.  On lap 23 he was up to Martins bumper and sticking a nose under.  They were door-to-door down the backstretch and around the white flag lap.  No quarter given, not even an inch.  Out of turn four, they were wheel to wheel to the stripe, full bore, motors screaming.  And if seen from the right view, there was the distance from bumper to the leading edge of the front wheel difference between them.  Less than three feet.  Nine one-thousandths of a second.  That was the margin of victory that Mike Cavallaro had over Rick Martin after 25 laps of racing!

Martin rolled up to the stripe afterward to step out and shake Mike’s hand for a race well-done.  It would have been 5 wins in the last six races for Martin, but Cavallaro had made it four out of six with his win.  And John Paiva, following Rob Murphy across the line in fifth – John Paiva had claimed the 2013 Sport Trucks Championship.  Now, there’s a real Victory Lane moment!

Dan Leach and Guy kicked it off, going door-to-door from the start as Darrel Church nabbed third ahead of Nick Uhrig.  As Guy pulled ahead, Church ws under Leach into second.  Uhrig took third moments later.  By lap three, he was behind Guy.  Leach and Taylor Therrien followed, But Cavallaro was already knocking on the door in fifth.

Lap six saw Church take the lead out of turn two but now Martin was behind Guy, Uhrig and Scott Dion into fifth.  Therrien and Cavallaro followed with Murphy and Paiva on their backs..

Martin moved Dion out ofourth and Cavallaro came up to take fifth.  Laqp ten; saw Church leading Guuy, Uhrig, Martin, Cavallaro and Dion.  The field had become a long pace-line.  But Uhrig began looking under Guy when Curch suddenly slowed and went to the pits.  Guy had the lead back on lap 13 with Uhrig, Martin and Cavallaro in pursuit.

Uhrig ran hard but spun at the stripe into lap 16.

The lap 156 restart had Martin outside guy with Cavallaro in the batter’s box behind him, eight laps away from Victory Lane.

Rounding out the top ten were Mike Duarte, Chase Belcher, Therrien, guy and Chris Lima.

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