Ray Negley leapt off the pole, took the lead, and drove with fresh air in his grille for the entire 25-lap Street Stocks feature.  That included four caution restarts, including a green-white-checkers go at the finale.  The front three was an exclusive place, as rookie Austin Blais and veteran Scott Serydynski took turns battling Negley for the lead and each other for position.  Blais troubled Negley throughout the first twelve laps, while in turn being harassed by Serydynski.  Serydynski eased past and worked high and low on the leader for the final  twelve circuits.  However, as Negley was bound for the checkers, Blais bolted alongside Serydynski and the duo rushed Negley toward the line.  Under the checkers they flew, with Ray just .259 seconds ahead of Blais and Scott just .059 behind Blais.

The top six all finished in a swirling mob, as points leader Scott Bruneau was .163 behind Serydynski, Ray Lovelace was another .300 back and Vincent Pangelinan .047 off that.  Rounding out the top ten were Paul Lallier, Justin Travis, Crystal Serydynski and Gerard Berthelette.

Blais  and Scott Serydynski ducked under outside polesitter Craig Pianka as Chris DeMoura and Manny Dias claimed fourth and fifth.  Blais fixed himself to Negley’s bumper and began to nudge him.  Serydynski and Pianka pursued.  Serydynski went to the outside of Blais to commence a three-way fight for the lead.  Pangelinan dodged by Bobby Bettencourt, Ed Gannon, and Lovelace on the first lap, into ninth, and began to work his way forward.  He was in seventh by lap eight, when Dias and AJ Solomon got together, bringing the first caution.

Blais and Negley were door to door out of the box and down the front, but Ray took the lead out of turn two.  Pangelinan and Crystal got together but kept straight.  By lap 10, Negley led  Blais, Serydynski, Pangelinan and DeMoura when Joe Melberg lost his coolant in turn four, spinning him onto the front stretch.

Negley edged away from Blais out of the box and into the lead out of the second turn.  Scott ducked under Negley but Solomon and Randy Moretti were around for another caution.

Now Negley had Serydynski on the outside and ran up the track as they left the box.  Blais took the opportunity to get under Serydynski onto Negley’s bumper as Scott Bruneau moved Pangelinan out of fourth.  After a single lap, Darryl Perry spun on the backstretch.

Negley again moved ahead out of turn two, but Serydynski made a cross under through turns three and four but Negley shut the door.  He went to the outside through turns three and four and fell back as Negley continued at the front.  He nosed under again to have the door slammed.

Bruneau had Pangelinan get past and tried to edge alongside, but Vinny held him off.  The field battled to lap 22, when Ian Savard spun off turn two to bring out the green-white-checkered finish.

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