Cassie Mersevy wins forst 600 Feature!

Cassie Meservey leapt off the outside pole past Kendra Levesque into a lead which she would not relinquish for twenty laps despite four caution restarts on a single, lap nine caution.  She fended off Levesque for nine circuits, David White on lap ten, and Matthew Barboza over the final nine circuits, to nip him at the finish  by four tenths of a second.  Points leader Thomas Moreshead, Jr. was third.  Bandon Lillie and David White completed the top five.

At the start, David White, competing for the points race, jumped outside Levesque, looking for position and Barboza moved into fourth.  Joey Lembo and Derek Debbis traded places until caution on lap nine.  Birchall,  running ninth behind Brandon Lillie, spun out of turn four.  Sarah DeMello, with some outstanding reaction time, was able to dodge the spinning Birchall.

It took four tries to restart the race as White and Levesque, fighting for second, banged each other and spun.  Shea Kulpa was into Birchall on the next try, with a spin to the infield.  Finally, the starter called a botched restart and they lined up again.

At last, White pulled off the outside pole, but Meservey took it back out of turn two.  Barboza got under  White and Debbis went outside for a three-wide ride.  Barboza won out, taking over second, while Moreshead and Lillie took advantage as White slid back to fifth by lap 13.  The top five had been decided by this point in the 20-lap event.

Lembo and Jessica O’Leary were debating sixth, with O’Leary looking underneath.  They were dead even going tonto lap 16, but Lembo took the position on the  backstretch.

Lap seventeen saw the front five running nose-to-tail, each hoping for a mistake on the part of their compeititors and watching for any opportunity.  Debbis, running seventh at this point, made a determined run at Lembo and was able to get into the sixth slot by the checkers.

Lembo finished seventh, followed by O’Leary, Doug Meservey, DeMello and Birchall.

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