Dylan Moltz, a Waterford Speedbowl veteran, who has spent several recent nights at Seekonk, came on in his third race at the Cement Palace to claim the Late Model division victory. He took the lead off a lap five restart and fought his way to the finish line with a convincing margin of victory.
Dylan Estrella grabbed the runnerup slot just ahead of Bobby Pelland III, Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. and Brandon Dion. However, late breaking news says that Moltz’ Late Model fell afoul of technical inspectors’ sharp eyes and he was disqualified. This elevates Estrella to Victory Lane and raises the position of all those behind him. Estrella, third in points going into the final two races of the season, will be buoyed by the points as leader DeGasparre finished two behind him and second place Bill Bernard was second
Dion started on the pole with Mark Hudson outside. Ryan Lineham was behind Dion and Moltz was on his shoulder. Dion grabbed the front as Lineham came under hudson and Moltz dropped back.
DeGasparre moved up from fifth to get under Hudson before Bill Bernard spu n out of turn three. The restart had Dion with Lineham on his shoulder, Moltz and Hudson with Estrella and DeGasparre behind them. Dion grabbed the lead again and Moltz came in under Lineham for some wheel-to-wheel. Estrella moved in under Hudson.
By lap four, Moltz was working past Dion for the front and Estrella was working underneath for second. But on lap five, DeGasparre spun in turn two. Dave Hutchins checked up to avoid and got together with Tyler Thompson. Thompson ended his night on the hook.
Moltz escaped Dion on the restart and Estrella again nabbed second. Lineham was at Dion’s back, in fourth. Lineham followed up by getting under Dion for third.
Lap seven saw some bumper tag as Hutchins spunn and Bernard spun to avoid him, setting up the accordion effect with the field.
Again, Moltz was away on the restart with Lineham getting underneath Estrella, who in turn was followed by Pelland, Dion and the side-by-side battle between Hudson and Charlie Rose. Pelland then grabbed third on lap nine.
Moltz had a four car lead on Estrella. Pelland was another car back and Dion followed. Lineham had fallen back and was watching DeGasparre work underneath. The field was stetching out nd Moltz led a line of Estrella, Pelland, Dion, DeGasparre, Rose and Lineham.
DeGasparre went after Lineham and battled him outside for four laps before settling into fourth.
Moltz now had a ten car lead over estrella, who led Pelland by 20 cars. It was another ten cdars back to DeGasparre, Dion and Rose. The field wound around to finish in order.
Sixth went to Rose, followed by Bernard, Hutchins, Jeramee Lillie, Lineham and Mark Hudson.

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