Tom Scully, Jr. got to the front with 23 laps remaining but had tough Dick Houlihan on his tail for the entire second half of the race and Houlihan forced him to earn his victory the hard way. Houli was all over his back end at the finish, allowing only a .297-second margin at theline. Ryan Vanasse compounded the issue, finishing just .5 behind. Dave Darling and Mike Brightman completed the top five.
Kyle Casper was polesitter with Brightman on his shoulder. Bob Hussey and Kenny Spencer made up the second row. Scully started fifth, below Daryl Stampl. Casper was away at the green and Hussey nosed under Brightman. Houlihan got up under Spencer.
Brightman reclaimed second from Hussey as Scully pulled into second with Houlihan on his bumper. By lap four the field was strung out and Scully got by Hussey into third.
Dave Darling was working his way up, getting under Mike Mitchell, but held there by Rick Martin just ahead in the low groove.
Meanwhile, Brightman was looking under Casper for the lead but twice had the door shut on him. It took him to lap eight to get to the lead, and by lap nine it was Brightman, Casper, Scully, Hussey, Houlihan and Spencer. Darling got under Martin and opened the door as Fred Astle and Ryan Vanasse followed through on his bumper. Darling was now behind Hussey in seventh.
But Kevin Folan and Martin were exchanging paint. Folan got his nose in, sending a cloud of smoke up from Martin’s left rear tire. Folan backed out, but moments later, Martin spun down the backstretch, bringing a lap 13 caution.
The restart saw Brightman and Casper door-to-door with Scully watching for an opportunity. He looked under Brightman a couple of times before Brightman bore down and put some distance between them. But on lap 17, George Kourafas spun in turn two.
Brightman and Casper were again at the front with Scully and Spencer behind them. Houlihan and Darling made the third row with Vanasse and Astle on their heels.
Scully got under Brightman as Casper faded down the backstretch. Houlihan followed underneath for second. Spencer, in sixth, suddenly spun out of turn two in the pack, and miraculously no collisions occurred in the scattering to avoid him.
Brightman had the outside on the restart, but Houlihan jumped in on Scully’s bumper and again navigated into second. Brightman dropped in front of Astle in third. Darling and Vanasse were fifth and sixth.
The field worked through a pair of restarts before a major crash as Brightman was loose on the backstretch. The field scattered and checked up, bringing out the accordion effect and cars began to collect each other. Dave Silvia got hard into Hussey sending Hussey backwards into the wall. Silvia’s nose was crushed and peeled back in the impact. Hussey was able to continue but Silvia was done for the evening.
Scully grabbed thelead again with Houlihan on his tail. Brikghtman looked under Astle as Vanasse came in under Darling. Brightman and Astle made contact and they drifted up. Vanasse dodged under Astle into third with Darling following to fourth leaving Brightman in fifth. With five laps remaining, it was Scully, Houlihan, Vanasse, Darling, Brightman and Astle. Mitchell and Spencer were battling behind them and as the race wound to a closing in that order, Spencer made a last-minute pass to wrest position away from Mitchell. Casper followed in ninth and Stampfl rounded out the top ten.


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