Lougee wins Triple Crown race and Title!

David Lougee surged to the front of the SYRA 750 feature on lap 3 and walked away to a substantial lead, then held off all comers following a lap 18 restart. Ashley Kuhn and Shelby Donovan had lead early, but Kuhn was loose on the first lap and fell to sixth before she could gather it back in. Donovan took over with sister Kaitlyn at her back. But Lougee came past on the next lap as Kaitlyn came loose, to challenge from second. Two circuits more and he had taken the lead with Shelby in pursuit.


Taylor Bowser had moved into third, but now she was high and very wide out of turn four, allowing Kaitlyn and then Curtis Rolando past. Shelby now fell victim to this duo and she fell to fourth. Bowser then moved her back to fifth.


By lap ten, Lougee was leading by half a straightaway, with Kaitlyn, Rolando, Bowser and Shelby behind. Christine Cavallaro and Kuhn were debating position behind them.

The field was stringing out over the following laps until the eighteenth circuit when Rolando got into the back of Kaitlyn’s car and she spun. They both retired to the back.


Lougee had Bowser on his outside for the restart, while Shelby and Kuhn followed. He was away at the green with Bowser on his bumper. Shelby, then Kuhn pursued, ahead of Kaitlyn, Cavallaro and Rolando.

The field had a wild melee to the finish line with Bowser coming over the line a half second off the pace. Shelby, Kuhn, Kaitlyn, Cavallaro and Rolando completed the field.


1) David Lougee 2) Taylor Bowser 3) Shelby Donovan 4) Ashley Kuhn 5) Kaitlyn Donovan 6) Christine Cavallaro 7) Curtis Rolando

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