TTM’s Eric Pelletier wins 2nd of year!

Eric Pelletier came off a lap eight restart pulling away from Gil Bradstreet into the lead and Chuck MacDonald came around Bradstreet for second as caution flew again for debris in turn one. One lap had passed but now Pelletier and MacDonald were lined up on the front. They came off the green wheel-to-wheel and MacDonald ran very had down the backstretch and into turns three and four. But his speed had him high and wide out of turn four and

Pelletier got a way to the front. Shawn DeMello was coming fast in third with Devin Miranda on his tail. Pelletier worked to hold off
MacDonald as Miranda began to wind his way around DeMello. McDonald was disqualified during post-race tech, moving Dave Westgate into fifth.

1) Eric Pelletier 2) Devin Miranda 3) Tyler Boudreau 4) Shawn DeMello 5) Dave Westgate 6) Gil Bradstreet 7) David Gargara Jr 8) Kim Bickford 9) Jason Enos II 10) Bob Henry 11) Chris Testa 12) Chris Bissell 13) Nick Mattera 14) Glen Leduc 15) Ken Sousa 16) Henry Lavallee 17) Mike Glad DQ) Chuck McDonald

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